• Ski Jumping

    2020 - 2021
    Head Coach: Andrew Sheppe

    Holderness is one of only a few schools in the country that offer ski jumping. If you can ski (Alpine or Nordic), you can ski jump! Back in the day, ski jumping was one of the four events that well-rounded skiers were expected to compete in (along with slalom, downhill and Nordic). Today we offer jumping as an activity to try for fun and/or as an expansion of your skiing expertise. You may come try it just once, or as many times as we go to the hills. The jumps we use range in size from 6 meters to 38 meters and above (by comparison, the jumps you see on TV are 70-120 meters). The jump size is measured from the lip of the takeoff to the farthest safe landing point down the hill, but the jumper’s height off the ground in flight is no more than 3-8 feet. The school provides skis and boots, so you need not buy any gear. Don’t let the winter slip away; come try jumping today!

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