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Community is at the center of everything here. At Holderness we begin with relationships—with the carefully tended bonds that unite us with friends, coaches, and teachers. We learn each other’s names. We sit down to dinner together. We sing out the HOL-DER-NESS cheer.

Community is so important to us that we placed it at the center of our mission statement — defining it as the core of confidence that upholds everything else we do. First, we make our students feel known and supported. Then, we let the learning begin.

Holderness is About Community

Our inclusive culture encourages all students to invest in the community and participate in a wide range of activities. Whether you are a day, boarding, or international student you will be fully engaged in the residential experience of Holderness School.

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  • Boarding Student Experience

    Every dorm has its specialty. Whether it’s Brownie Night with Mr. Peck on the Hill or Nacho Night with the Lins in Connell Dorm, there are plenty of opportunities for boarding students to get to know each other and form close bonds with their dorm parents. At Holderness your dorm room is more than just a place to hang your hat; it’s your home. Your dorm mates become your best friends and confidantes; your dorm parents are your support team and most dedicated cheerleaders. With an 8:1 student to dorm parent ratio, you’ll be embraced in a small, close-knit community that supports your growth as a student, as an athlete, and most importantly, as a person.
  • Day Student Experience

    Day students are an integral part of our community and often stay on campus long after classes and sports are done. In fact, most of our day students will tell you that they go home only to sleep.

    The day students’ official on-campus base is in Lower Weld, where there are lockers and cubbies for storing their belongings, as well as chairs, desks, and couches for studying and socializing. Unofficially though, you’ll find day students all over campus—visiting their friends in the residential hall lounges, meeting with faculty in their homes, and studying with their classmates in the dining hall—engaging with the community and participating in all the school has to offer.
  • International Student Experience

    With students from over ten different countries, at Holderness you’ll have an opportunity to get to know students from all over the world. International students are fully immersed in our community and play a vital role in the diversity of our student body. From presentations in Friday Assemblies to special dinners for international holidays to chapel talks about a variety of faiths and perspectives, our community sets aside time to get to know all our students and their diverse backgrounds.

    Holderness also makes sure to support students as they transition and learn to call Holderness home. International students are paired with tutors to help with academic progress; there is also an international student coordinator who helps international students make travel arrangements, navigate American culture, and build a home away from home.

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  • Student Life

    Community comes first at Holderness. We understand the importance providing a network of support for every single student. Find out more about our advising and residential life programs.

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  • Student Life

    At Holderness students pursue music, creative writing, outdoor interests, environmental and social activism and other interests through our many clubs. Learn more about our students' passions and interests below.

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  • Student Life

    Holderness School seeks to redefine leadership for the 21st century, providing exceptional collaborative, empathic team-building training to all students.

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  • Student Life

    Community Service
    At Holderness, service to others emanates from our mission statement - pro deo et genere humano - "for God and humankind." Service is built into our DNA.

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  • Student Life

    Spiritual Life
    As a member of the National Association of Episcopal Schools, Holderness is steeped in a tradition of spiritual inclusion and open inquiry. Click to find out more about our Chapel Program and how we support every individual on their spiritual path.

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