Student Life

Boarding School Experience

Every dorm has its specialty. Whether it’s Brownie Night with Mr. Peck on the Hill or Nacho Night with the Lins in Connell Dorm, there are plenty of opportunities for boarding students to get to know each other and form close bonds with their dorm parents. At Holderness your dorm room is more than just a place to hang your hat; it’s your home. Your dorm mates become your best friends and confidantes; your dorm parents are your support team and most dedicated cheerleaders. With an 8:1 student to dorm parent ratio, you’ll be embraced in a small, close-knit community that supports your growth as a student, as an athlete, and most importantly, as a person.

“It’s like a having a sleepover with your best friends every night.”
 -- Maggie Cunha ’16

“I’ve definitely built a lot of character here. You get to learn a lot about yourself, and it’s a really nice journey along the way.” – Sarah Berube ’18

Holderness School
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