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Andrew Herring

With this summer’s completion of the Davis Center, Holderness School’s new 35,000 square foot math and science building, renovations have begun on Hagerman Center, home to the school’s auditorium as well as several classrooms and science labs.

The Hagerman renovation is made possible through the Elevating Academics Campaign, a comprehensive fundraising effort to transform the school’s academic program through the principles of innovation, collaboration, and flexibility. The campaign has resulted in the construction of the Davis Center, an adjacent outdoor classroom, and an academic quad connecting the school’s academic spaces. Endowment funds were also raised to support the maintenance of these spaces. 

The work at Hagerman is comprehensive and, when complete, will result in a renovated auditorium, upgraded classrooms, performing arts workshops, and enhanced faculty planning spaces. 

“The timing of Hagerman dovetails perfectly with the planning and execution of the Davis Center, ”says Head of School Phil Peck. “Being able to take our best thinking and lessons learned and apply that to the teaching and learning spaces ensures that we can have a facility that will serve the school for decades to come.”

The auditorium will see extensive renovations and upgrades, including new and expanded seating and carpeting, a new sound system, as well as significant improvements to the stage lighting and house lighting systems.  Additionally, the existing drop ceiling will be replaced with Wenger hanging acoustic clouds to improve both the auditorium’s sound quality and aesthetics.

A physical addition to the building will be a newly-constructed workshop behind the stage to allow for the construction and painting of stage scenery and props. Three classrooms adjacent to the auditorium will be converted to support the performing arts program and will see the creation of a Green Room, costume design and storage space, as well as additional storage for props and set pieces.

Existing classrooms in Hagerman will receive upgrades as well, to include new paint, carpet, and furniture to mirror classrooms in the Davis Center.  These classrooms will also see upgraded academic technology and the addition of writable surfaces on the walls.

Teachers, too, will have a space of their own in the creation of the Teacher Collaboration Lab.  Much like the teacher workspace in the Davis Center, Hagerman will feature a slightly smaller collaborative workspace for teachers that is designed to give teachers the tools and space to work and plan together.

In addition to these fantastic academic and community upgrades, Hagerman will be completely rewired, ventilation systems will be replaced and upgraded, fire suppression systems will be modernized, and an additional egress will be added to the northwest corner of the building.  Additionally, the school is working to make the facility more accessible with the addition of a wheelchair ramp and upgraded ADA-compliant bathrooms. Landscaping and exterior improvements will be made following the completion of interior renovations.  Interior renovations are expected to be completed in spring 2022. 

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