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Holderness School Receives AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award
Greg Kwasnik

Holderness School proudly announces its recognition by the College Board with the prestigious AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award, honoring its strides in fostering gender diversity within AP Computer Science A. Since its inception in 1988, AP Computer Science A (CSA) courses have empowered students to develop and implement computer programs addressing contemporary societal challenges. As one of 225 schools acknowledged for this accolade, Holderness stands out for its unwavering commitment to inclusivity across all disciplines, particularly within the realms of science and mathematics.

Math Department Chair Elizabeth Wolf celebrated the recognition, stating, “This award demonstrates the hard work of the math and science departments to make sure every student feels they belong and have a future in STEM fields regardless of gender, race, or other circumstances.  I feel lucky to have taught so many strong and inspiring young women over my time at Holderness!”

Beyond AP Computer Science A, Holderness exhibits a steadfast commitment to gender parity in advanced math classes such as Linear Algebra (64% female) and BC Calculus (62% female). Furthermore, initiatives like the STEMinists club offer additional avenues for female students to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics opportunities. 

Holderness School's commitment to diversity and inclusion in classwork lays the foundation for closing the professional gap. Research proves that when more women study math, science, and computer science, more women advance professionally in those coveted fields. Google’s latest research indicates that 54% of female college computer science majors pursued AP CSA in high school. 

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