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Holderness School Announces New Senior Leaders
Greg Kwasnik

On April 30, the Holderness community gathered for the annual Leadership Chapel, where it met its new class of Senior Leaders for the 2024-25 school year. Those leaders will run key aspects of the school as president and vice president, dining hall supervisors, dorm leaders, and Job Program leaders.

For more than 70 years, Holderness students have chosen their school leaders in a unique process free of speeches or campaigning, where rising seniors are assessed on the qualities of fairness, initiative, dependability, and empathy.

Outgoing School President George Fortin ’24 said it's up to the school's leaders to set the tone for the year ahead. "Every activity, every school gathering, every assembly, event, game, concert will be what you make of it," Fortin said. "The enjoyment the rest of the school has is directly impacted by the tone you all set when you arrive at whatever that event may be. SET THE TONE!"
Congratulations to our 2024-2025 school leadership!

President: Natalie Low

Vice President: Trace Schroeder

Weld Hall Supervisors: Tanner Snyder, Grady Taylor
Girl Senior Leaders:
StevieLeigh Bannon
Ashley Bergeron
Belen Bernal-Doggart
Reid Donovan
Rio Gladchun
Charlotte Hastings
Lauren Hughey
Katie Hutchinson
Madeline Jacobsen
Izzy Johnson
Emma Lavallee
Eliza Mellon
Gina Mulcahy
Adeline Pfeifle
Meghan Stodden
Jade Wiggins
Helaina Rivers
Henniyah Rivers
Boy Senior Leaders:
Drake Dearborn
Jacob Duval
Leon Huang
Max Marcus
George Matviak
Asad Mohamed
Nguyen Cao Nguyen
Jake Parmett
Luke Pazzia
Ian Plankey
Will Rob
Johnny Schaeffler
Zach Webb
JJ Werner
Will Wheelock
Holderness School Job Leaders:
Kat Bensley
Gary Chen
Brooke Cippoletti
Jay Cruz
Mia Dudley
Luke Duffield
Jayna Davis
Claire Eccleston
Georgia Fisher-Smith
Stella Granat
Kassidy Haley
Maggie Higgins
Lillian Holland
Mackie Hughey
Dorka Kastl
Lissa King
Sarah McAdam
Sam McDonnell
Trey Neally
Trey Picard
Ryan Plunkett
Henry Prowse
William Prowse
Stella Regan
Maeve Rhatigan
Trainer Rolfs
Teddy Schlueter
Sophie Tonello
Yirong Wang
Jack Welby
Lila Wheelock
Ian Zimmerman

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