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Holderness Boys Lacrosse Ranked 20th in the Nation
Max Paro ’17

After a record-setting 2023 season that saw them cap off an undefeated, 17-0 record with the first Lakes Region Championship in school history, the Holderness Boys Varsity Lacrosse team is back in action for 2024. Entering the season as the 20th-ranked team in the country, according to Inside Lacrosse, the Bulls are focusing on their team goals and maintaining their culture of success.   

“Obviously we had a great year last year, but we’re a new team and just trying to focus on coming together as a group and maintaining our 0-0 mentality,” said captain Kaden Freelove ’24. Adopted at the start of last year, the team’s “0-0” motto sits, printed on a New Hampshire license plate, above the locker room door and serves as a reminder that no matter what happened in the past, the team is always focused on what’s in front of them. “It’s really cool to be recognized on a national level, but at the same time, it just means we need to keep working,” said captain Grady Taylor ’25. Fostering a culture of competition and support is the foundation for the team’s approach toward improvement. 

The Bulls aim to make practice their hardest days of the week, creating strong habits that turn game day into second nature. “You’re always thinking about what you can do better and not settling. It’s so competitive. In practice, every rep feels like it’s 100%,” said captain Andrew Stodden ’24. As a result, they’re always looking to celebrate those who are elevating their game. “I think it’s important that we remember to lift each other up. It was the best feeling ever when you’d do something sweet in practice as an underclassman, and everybody was getting excited for you and wanting you to succeed,” said Grady. Complete buy-in to the team’s culture and values has helped them stick together both on and off the field.   

“Everyone wants that same end goal, and everyone is on the same page. I think that’s a huge part of bringing that competitive energy onto the field,” said Kaden. This unity extends beyond the lacrosse field and locker room. “Over the years, as we’ve grown as a team, we’ve become a very tight-knit group. We spend a lot of time together whether it’s eating meals, walking around campus, or just relaxing,” said captain Chase Picard ’24.  

As the Holderness Lacrosse program continues to gain recognition, the team’s leaders want those following in their footsteps to embrace the culture the team has established over the years. “Continue that culture of wanting to be great and wanting to help others be great on the field and around campus,” said Chase. “Be proud to represent Holderness Lacrosse,” said Grady.

Catch the Bulls back in action on Monday, April 15 when they host Austin Prep at 5:00 PM on the Robert T. Low Turf Field. 

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