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Fall Athletics Roundup
Max Paro ’17

Congratulations to all the exceptional student-athletes and their coaches who made this fall sports season so memorable! The hard work, dedication, and passion displayed on the fields, trails, and cliffs, has represented Holderness School well.

A special shout-out and congratulations to all the Girls Varsity Soccer and Football teams. Girls Varsity Soccer made their first NEPSAC Playoffs appearance in 20 years and Football was crowned league champions with a 5-1 record!

Team, Lakes Region, and NEPSAC Award Winners:

Girls Varsity Soccer
All- NEPSAC: Devan Booth & Mimi Matviak
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Annie Bergeron & Maeve Rhatigan
Coaches’ Award: Maeve Rhatigan
Lakes Region All-Star: Ryan Blanchard & Cece Robinson
Most Improved Award: Eliza D'Agostino & Valeria Santiago
Most Valuable Player Award: Devan Booth

Boys Varsity Soccer
All- NEPSAC: Blake Norris & Ollie Zaldestani
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Sam McDonnell
Coaches’ Award: George Fortin
Lakes Region All-Star: Asad Mohamed & Jake Parmett
Most Improved Award: Dean Driscoll
Weston Lea Spirit Award: Ollie Zaldestani

Varsity Field Hockey
All- NEPSAC: Charlotte Lehr
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Molly Rhatigan 
Coaches’ Award: Molly Rhatigan
Lakes Region All-Star: Mia Gonsalves & Charlotte Lehr
Most Improved Award: Charlotte Hastings
Most Valuable Player Award: Charlotte Lehr

Girls Cross Country
All- NEPSAC: Rio Gladchun
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Georgea Fisher-Smith
Coaches’ Award: Meghan Stodden
Lakes Region All-Star: Georgea Fisher-Smith
Most Improved Award: Sammy Edwards
Most Valuable Player Award: Georgea Fisher-Smith

Boys Cross Country    
Coaches’ Award: Trace Schroeder
Most Improved Award: Jerry Tantikul
Most Valuable Player Award: Calvin Sweeney

All- NEPSAC: Rees Chandler, Travis Rebar & Zach Webb
All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Luke Duffield, Charlie Weiss & Jack Whitham
Coaches’ Award: Travis Rebar
Lakes Region All-Star: 
Most Improved Award: Luke Keegan
Most Valuable Player Award: Rees Chandler
NEPSAC Player of the Year: Andrew Stodden
Norm Walker Award: Andrew Stodden

Rock Climbing
Coaches’ Award: Henry Hood
Most Improved Award: Will Liu

Mountain Biking  
Coaches’ Award: Soli Colon & Jack Diemar:
Most Improved Award: Harrison Dean & Gina Mulcahy

JV Field Hockey
Coaches’ Award: Annie Page
Most Improved Award: Annabelle Burton

Annabelle Burton: Most Improved Award
Annie Page: Coaches’ Award

Boys JV1 Soccer
Coaches’ Award: Tristan Gerasin
Most Improved Award: William Prowse 

Boys JV2 Soccer
Coaches’ Award: Vijay Deveau & Grady Walsh

Girls JV1 Soccer
Most Improved Award: Logan Severance 
Most Valuable Player Award: Martha Brady-Schmoyer & Esme Roberts

Art in the Afternoon
Most Improved Award: Kyra Felice
Most Valuable Player Award: Kai Small

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