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Congratulations To Our Holderness School Leaders For 2023-2024
Andrew Herring

The Holderness community gathered on May 2 to name our new school leaders during our annual Leadership Chapel, a tradition that spans more than 70 years. It’s a unique process without speeches or campaigning, where students are assessed on the qualities of fairness, initiative, dependability, and empathy.

Holderness defines leadership as each person’s journey to serve and empower others, and we see these leadership characteristics as vital in developing servant leaders. 

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 school leadership!

President: George Fortin
Vice President: Henry Hood
Weld Hall Supervisors: Anthony Seoage and Annie Bergeron

Girls House Leaders

Louise Zhou

Sarah Angevine

Molly Rhatigan

Eliza D’Agostino

Cece Robinson

Charlotte Lehr

Leah Wareing

Sophie Miller

Soli Colon

Sammy Edwards

Ryan Blanchard

Finn Boissonneault

Kate Miele

Kate Cassidy

Julia Feeney

Valeria Santiago Dedos

Bella Romero


Boys House Leaders

Calvin Sweeney

Andrew Stodden

Kaden Freelove

Charlie Weiss

Owen Pethic

Aaron Borgani

Evan Guan

Alex Roguet

Max Tong

Ethan Howe

Colin Butters

Evan Vaillancourt

Oliver Zaldastani

Chase Picard

Gavin Byrne


Holderness School Job Leaders

Grady Taylor

Belen Bernal-Doggart

Rio Gladchun

Natalie Low

Emma Lavallee

Jade Wiggins

Reid Donovan

Tanner Snyder

Caitlin Slider

Sophie Tonello

Martha Yam

Will Rob

Meghan Stodden

Madeline Jacobsen

JJ Werner

Jake Boulanger

Jack Diemar

Ian Plankey

Eliza Mellon

Leon Huang

Charlotte Hastings

Nguyen Cao Nguyen

Fine Windhagen

Owen Faldi

Jacob Duval

Jake Parmett

Gavin James

Henniyah Rivers

Trace Schroeder

Zach Webb

Katie Hutchinson

Helaina Rivers

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