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"The arts are the foremost expression of our civilization. They comprise a complex language, one not just non-linear, but intuitive, and through which one learns to code and decode a vast amount of visual information, as well as to think in new and different ways." 

— Glenn Lowry, Director, the Museum of Modern Art, New York and Holderness School Class of '72
The Edwards Art Gallery at Holderness School is an historic and beautiful building situated in the center of campus. The gallery, which was part of an extensive 1990s renovation of the original Holderness School gymnasium (circa 1917), is now part of the Carpenter Center for the Arts. Judith Solberg, in her book, This Tender Vine, called the renovation “a clever repurposing of existing space…and a new era for the arts at Holderness School.”

Recent exhibitions and exhibitors include Robert Shetterly’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth,” painter Emilie Lee ‘99, and painter Jonathan Sherman ‘95. Each year, the Edwards Art Gallery also collaborates with Boston’s Pucker Gallery on its autumn exhibit, displaying the works of internationally recognized ceramicists including Ken Matsuzaki and Yoshinori Hagiwara.

Gallery News

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  • Emerald Pool Study

    The Emerald Pool Opens at the Edwards Art Gallery

    Andrew Herring
    Albert Bierstadt, the German-American painter renowned for his landscapes of the American West, came to the White Mountains to capture its simple yet overwhelming beauty. What came to life through nearly a decade’s worth of work was The Emerald Pool, a massive oil-on-canvas monument to the natural majesty of a hidden swimming hole along the Peabody River in the Pinkham Notch.  Recounting The Emerald Pool, Bierstadt said, “I never had so difficult a picture to paint, as this White Mountain subject the Emerald Pool; my artist friends think it my best picture and so do I.” 
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  • Full Circle Opens in the Edwards Art Gallery

    Franz Nicolay
    The creative life is an imperative for human beings. It adds challenge, joy, fulfillment, and purpose to one’s trajectory in this physical plane. Recognizing this at an early age, our artists made the decision to embrace bold exploration and cultivate their commitment to working with materials of engagement and expression.  In each case, our alumni directly responded to the culture and dynamic life and environment surrounding them.
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  • Cig Harvey Photos Featured in Upcoming Edwards Art Gallery Exhibit

    Emily Magnus '88
    Cig Harvey’s photographs are the focus of the next Edwards Art Gallery exhibit at Holderness School. The opening reception for “Cig Harvey: A Simple Grace” will be held on Friday, January 11, from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM.
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  • Ceramics Exhibit of Master Potter Ben Owen III to Open in November

    Emily Magnus
    Opening on Friday, November 2 in Edwards Art Gallery at Holderness School, A Legacy of Tradition and Innovation: The Pottery of Ben Owen III.
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  • Double Vision: Grandeur Discovery Despair Hope, Paintings and Poems of our NH Mountains

    Holderness School is pleased to announce the opening of an exhibit that features the collaboration of poet Timothy Muskat’s and artist Kathryn Field’s creative depiction of the glory and beauty of the White Mountains. While well-timed as the National Forest Service marks the 100th birthday of the 800,000 acres since President Woodrow Wilson signed the executive order in 1918 that created the White Mountain National Forest, the exhibit offers a dance of interpretation and honors a long-standing collaboration.
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Gallery Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 9am-5pm Wednesdays and Saturdays: 9am-12pm
The gallery is closed Sundays and during school vacations. 

Please call ahead to confirm hours of operation.

For more information about the Edwards Art Gallery, please contact Franz Nicolay at fnicolay@holderness.org or (603) 630-2238.


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