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John McVeigh Chapel Talk: Hidden Chaplains

This summer, I came across an article that resonated about something that happens each school year at Princeton University. One day, one of their chaplains and one of their students were talking about the concept of compassion and how hard it is to cultivate in a high-powered setting, where the emphasis always seems to be on matters of achievement culture, high-pressure performance, and survival. They acknowledged that unless they are really intentional about it, kindness sometimes slips by the wayside.

The student started talking about the woman who swiped his card at the dining hall- she did it with a smile and always asked about his family.  He looked forward to it every day.  The Princeton chaplain heard the story and said, “She’s doing my job!” And that’s how they started to identify and celebrate their “hidden chaplains”

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Ethan Howe '24 Chapel Talk

Ethan, E-T-H-A-N, is what the hard-hatted ironworkers called out as they spray-painted my name in red onto the steel girder frame of the new Dana-Farber Yawkey Center for Cancer Care. With my dad, I watched from the connecting bridge to the Dana Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center, where I was receiving treatment. The port on my chest bulged over my heart, and I thought, I am Iron Man.

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