Bulls Beat Hornets to Become Lakes Region Champs!

K. Berry
The Bulls found victory today in front of a huge Proctor Day crowd to clinch the Lakes Region title!
The Bulls played sixty minutes of solid field hockey today against a strong Proctor team. The first Bulls' goal of the game came from Olivia Branch on a beautiful cross from Morgan Sisson. The Hornets tied the game, and the Bulls fought hard for a second goal, finding many opportunities missed at the post. Olivia Branch found her second goal of the game with a beautiful lifted ball over the group of defenders in front of the net. Morgan Sisson found the back of the net for a third Bulls goal after a speedy run down the field with Andrea Reynolds. The Bulls brought composure to the game today in the defensive end with strong play by Drea Chin, Darby Palisi and Bridget Pope. Led by Reynolds, the girls set the pace of play high, stepping hard to ball, putting fast balls into the circle, and working to connect passes up the field.
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