Bulls’ Running Game and Defense Earn Definitive Victory

With over 200 yards of rushing (over 350 yards total offense), 5 interceptions, and three forced fumbles, Holderness finished its home season in strong form.
Returning home for the first time in almost month (since a 33-13 win over Cushing Academy), the Bull’s were able to strike quick and often.  Junior Sergio Yap and Sophomore Costas Savignano offered a combination of speed and power that drove Holderness 60 yards in 6 plays for a TD.  Kents Hill responded by earning 2 quick first downs, but Senior Andy MacLeod made the first of a series of plays that left him player of the game.  For 3 years, MacLeod has led the special teams as kicker and punter.  This year, he added offensive and defensive lineman to his repertoire.  On the fifth play of the Kents Hill drive, MacLeod snagged a series ending interception from the defensive tackle position (QB pressured by Isaiah Jubrey and Piseth Sam).   4 plays later, Andy took a handoff (normally he lines up at center) for 2-yard touchdown run.  Bulls led 14-0.  Between the touchdown, a field goal, and three extra points, MacLeod totaled 12 total points.  Not a bad day for a lineman.
Again Kents Hill found some offensive success and again the defense responded with a forced turn over.   While Holderness would not score for another few drives, the defense continued to impose its will.  After another fumble forced by captain Piseth Sam and recovered by Alex Oliver, the Bulls took only 2 plays to score again with another touchdown run by Sergio Yap.   The Bulls now led 21-0 with 52 seconds in the second quarter.   Only 2 plays later, Holderness forced another turnover with an interception by freshman Griffin O’Neil.  With six seconds left in the half, Joe Pelletier hit team captain Sean Bryant with 29 strike to the back of the end zone.  A missed extra point left the score 27-0 at halftime.
With two Holderness touchdowns called back (Sean Bryant and Stew Hutchinson each caught touch down passes) and 4 forced turnovers, the second half was all defense.  Sean Bryant had 2 interceptions and Griffin O’Neil picked up his second, Piseth Sam forced another fumble, while Patrick Lessard recovered a fumble on a Kents Hill punt return.  Each of the turnovers were led by a relentless pass rush by captain Ethan Bliss, Alex Oliver, Isaiah Jubrey, Sergio Yap, and Andy McLeod.  At the same time, senior Devin Kelley totaled over 15 tackles. 
This week Holderness travels to Proctor Academy to renew its rivalry with the return of Proctor Day.  Should be a great day with the entire Holderness School community in attendance. 
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