Bulls Beat Exeter in OT!

K. Berry
The Bulls battled against Exeter today, coming back from a two goal deficit with 15 minutes left to play, and scoring 1 minute left in OT!
While the Bulls earned many offensive opportunities in the first half, they entered into half-time 0-1. Exeter netted another goal early in the second half. With fifteen minutes left to play, after Elise Yabroudy put the ball on goal multiple times, junior Lilly Patterson was able to tuck one away. Less than a minute later, the Bulls had an offensive breakaway with Morgan Sisson and Andrea Reynolds, and Reynolds neatly tucked the ball around the Exeter goalie as she came out. The Bulls worked hard to find other opportunities and defended well with thirteen minutes left to play, but were unable to find the back of the net in regular time. Both teams entered OT a player down. The Bulls showed their composure and speed in OT, earning three offensive opportunities, and breaking down the Exeter offense. Goalie Kiely Smiga-McManus broke down an offensive breakaway by herself! Drea Chin crossed the ball to Lila Schibli who brought it down the field with Andrea inserting it to Morgan Sisson in the circle who followed up her rebound with another shot to win! The Bulls are excited to face Kimball Union Academy this Saturday on the road.
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