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Carry the Luggage Award Winners

Chrissy Lushefski
Instead of giving out awards to players who have made impressive goals or outstanding plays, Holderness plans to recognize the students who have stepped up and carried their team’s luggage. Athletic Director Rick Eccleston says, “It’s nice to win, but the students need to learn that it’s about participation and about working together to accomplish something greater than one person can alone. That’s what it means to carry the luggage.” The Carry the Luggage award winners are nominated by teammates and coaches. See the previous article here:
Ethan Bliss '18: Varsity Football
After a scrimmage at Groton early in the season, co-captain Ethan Bliss went back into the guest locker room to make sure it was clean. He left it absolutely spotless, as you can see in the image sent from Coach Livingstone.

The Girls' Varsity Soccer Team
On Saturday October 21st, the girl's varsity soccer team saved the day by doing noon jobs to help numerous teams with early travel departures.

The Mountain Biking Team
The mountain bike team volunteered time and energy to set up the aid stations for the Squam Ridge Race a few weeks back. 
It required hauling 60 gallons of water plus snacks and equipment nearly 800 vertical feet to the top of the squam ridge. The race helped Squam Lakes Association raise more than $10,000 to support programming and staffing. 

Sarah Rogers '18: Art in the Afternoon

Sarah Rogers is part of the Art in the Afternoon group, and she spent her Saturday finishing the set for the fall play by herself.  It was a lot of work, and she did it!
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