News Detail- Athletics

A United Team!

Jean Henchey
In our best effort to date, the girls' JV team worked together like a well-oiled machine.  The defense moved in-sync with one another to make sure they had each other's backs.  The outside-midfielders stayed wide to receive passes and bring the ball up the outside while the center midfielders sent balls flying up to the corners for the forwards to retrieve.  The forwards positioned themselves strategically to take shot after shot until they suceeded in scoring.  Our first goal was made by Charley Croft off an indirect kick by Ingrid Blau.  Pippa Sheffield scores our next two goals.  One was a beautiful shot from outside the box and the other was a scramble in front of the net with a perfectly-placed pass by Allegra Driscoll.  Congratulations to the team for this win!
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