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  • February

    The Bull Stampede: February 10, 2019 & February 11, 2019

    Sunday 2/10
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Cégep de Sherbrooke 70-41 W
    Monday 2/11
    Boys' V Basketball vs. KUA 68-76 L
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Winchendon W

    Nordic Skiing Update
    The Holderness Girl's Nordic Team won the Sibley Award at the New Hampshire Coaches Series race last weekend. Over 40 teams from all over New Hampshire competed in two races and the Holderness Team took the overall. 
    In a field of almost 250 high school girls, they were anchored by top ten results from Amanda Vansant, Mae Whitcomb, and Olivia Lammivaara. Buzz Fisher and Gus Whitcomb also represented Holderness well with a 4th and 20th place respectively. 
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  • Excelling At Every Level

    Max Paro '17
    Holderness prides itself on safe risk-taking. The school works to create an environment where you can try something new, possibly fail, possibly succeed, and definitely learn. Holderness has teams and athletes who reach the highest levels of competition and we also have teams and students who are learning how to compete, even learning how to play a sport. Such is the case with Quang Minh Do '19. He didn't even know how to skate when he arrived on-campus two years ago. He started managing the boys JV hockey team but an opportunity presented itself and Quang rose to the challenge.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 9, 2019

    Saturday 2/9
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Bradford Christian Academy 72-85 L
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Hillside 2-6 L
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Cardigan 33-50 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. KUA 18-41 L
    Boys' V Hockey vs. KUA 4-4 T
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 8, 2019

    Friday 2/8
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Hoosac 4-1 W
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. New Hampton 38-53 L
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Proctor 64-77 L
    Nordic Race on Wednesday 2/6 at home:
    Team Results (out of 10 teams)
    Girls 1st
    Boys 4th
    Individual Results: 
    Olivia Lammivaara 3rd
    Amanda Vansant 5th
    Mae Whitcomb 6th
    Buzz Fisher 4th
    Gus Whitcomb 9th
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 6, 2019

    Wednesday 2/6
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Tilton 48-73 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. Tilton 24-41 L
    Girls' JV Hockey vs. New Hampton 1-8 L
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Brooks 0-1 L
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Tilton 6-3 W
    Snowboarding at Cannon (Lakes Region Slopestyle)
    1st, Jobe Gemmell-Hughes
    4th, Colin Casey
    5th, Pat Lessard
    6th, Noah McIntire
    9th, Nick Sherman
    11th, Oliver Kiker
    20th, Alan Yu
    23rd, Andrey Yao

    24th, Stephen Jung
    25th, John Menkes
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Nordic Team: Part of Something Bigger

    Emily Magnus
    Nordic in New England. With icicles hanging from their noses and their eyelashes covered in frost, Nordic skiers are known for going out in any weather and relishing steep climbs and gnarly downhills. With Head Coach Pat Casey leading the way, the Holderness School Nordic skiers are no different; with their special blend of competitive drive and playful energy, they are at the core of the growing Nordic community in the Plymouth area.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 2, 2019 + Freeski January 30, 2019

    Friday 2/1
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Winchendon 72-18 W
    Girls' V Hockey vs. North Yarmouth Academy 1-1 T
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Winchendon 62-52 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. KUA 1-5 L
    Wednesday 1/30 (Lakes Region Freeski at Mt Snow)
    Jamie Bayha 1
    Ian Switzer 2
    Asa Moskowitz 4 
    Bram Hickmate 6 
    Alden Sawyer 8 
    Jared Carr 9 
    Drew Peatman 10
    Griffin O'Neil 11
    Teddy Hughes 13
    Seth Gray 15
    Jack Sawyer 16
    Ben P Hutchinson 19
    Pat Heffernan 20
    Charlie Morris 24
    Russ Hutchinson 29
    Thalia Anastos 3
    Remy Lehouiller 5
    Go Bulls! 
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  • Nordic Update: An Interview with Coach Pat Casey

    Max Paro '17
    Nordic Coach Pat Casey gives an update on both the boys and girls Nordic season.
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  • January

    The Bull Stampede: January 30, 2019

    Wednesday 1/30
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Proctor 26-74 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. Proctor 26-50 L
    Girl's JV Hockey vs. KUA 2-3 L
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Berwick 6-2 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Exeter 1-3 L
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Hebron 2-5 L
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Bull Stampede: January 26, 2019

    Saturday 1/26
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Vermont 5-3 W
    Girls' JV Hockey vs. New Hampton 1-10 L
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Tilton 56-68 L
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Brewster 64-54 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Kents Hill 4-4 T
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Groton 2-2 T
    Go Bulls!
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  • Big Mountain Vision

    Suzanne Dewey
    Coach Alan Smarse has been on the slopes with Holderness students for over two decades. He has helped the Holderness Freeski and Snowboarding program evolve over the years with the coaching philosophy that our mission is to support our student-athletes to the highest level achievable, while setting them up to gain entry into the colleges of their choice. Simply stated, our coaching philosophy is to be better today then we were yesterday. Read on for some history and for the latest evolution.
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