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  • November

    In Honor of Those Who Serve

    Andrew Herring
    In honor of those who serve or have served and for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, a special Veteran's Day chapel program was organized by Director of Administrative and Strategic Initiatives Andrew Herring (former captain in the U.S. Army), Chaplain Joshua Hill, and several students. There is no single story for those who serve demonstrated by Andy's remarks along with the video of veteran voices. Thank you to all.
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  • October

    Nine Ways of Feeling God: A Poet's Perspective

    Timothy Muskat
    Poet Timothy Muskat spoke poetically in Chapel about the 8 feelings of God.
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  • The work of Equity and Inclusion

    Jini Sparkman
    English teacher and Director of Equity and Inclusion Jini Sparkman shared a chapel talk with the school last week about equity and inclusion; why she does this work and why Holderness does as well.
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  • September

    Mountain Day Chapel

    The Rev. Joshua A. Hill
    The Rev. Joshua Hill commences Mountain Day with a chapel service at Stickney Chapel in Bretton Woods, NH.
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  • Be the Bridge, Over Someone Else’s Troubled Water

    Carol Dopp
    School counselor Carol Dopp discusses and outlines the numerous resources such as Care Team Response and Health Sanctuary, available to students at Holderness. 
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  • What is the Chapel Program?

    The Rev. Joshua A. Hill
    In Rev. Joshua Hill's first Chapel talk to the school, he speaks about the Chapel program is and is not, as well as the difference between the Chapel program and the Church.
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  • Opening Thoughts: Jesus Interrogates The Rabbis

    Peter Durnan
    Honoring our Episcopal roots, Academic Dean Peter Durnan treated the school community to a detailed explanation of how to “interrogate the rabbis.” Evoking feelings from his own adolescence and an important passage from the King James’ version of the Bible, Mr. Durnan outlined an approach toward curiosity that if followed, will likely set one’s academic passion on fire.
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  • Values and Rules

    John Lin
    Educators know that role modeling, setting clear expectations, and providing clarity are often the ingredients for a positive learning environment. Dean of Students John Lin talked about our school values and the notion of honor and integrity in his Values and Rules talk shared with the entire school. Thank you Mr. Lin for delineating what character looks like.
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  • Choose Power, Love, and Self-Discipline

    Phil Peck
    To kick off the first official day of classes, Head of School Phil Peck addressed the students in morning Convocation. In his speech, Mr. Peck references a passage on the stained glass window that students see as they enter Chapel that reads "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, love and self-discipline". His message focused on community and the values of the school that help us build a strong community. 
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  • May

    2018 Baccalaureate Sermon

    The Rev. Canon Randolph K. Dales
    The Rev. Canon Randolph K. Dales delivered the Baccalaureate Sermon at 2018 Commencement. Read his sermon below:
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  • Stones Chapel Talk May 14, 2018

    Nicole Furlonge
    Each year departing seniors arrive for one last service at Outdoor Chapel. Each student brings with them a decorated stone to add to the collection of stones of seniors before them. This year at stones chapel, Dr. Nicole Furlonge spoke to the seniors about leaving Holderness.
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  • Who Packed Your Parachute?

    Annie McClements
    Science Faculty member Annie McClements shares her reflections with the class of 2018 at Trinity Chapel. 

    Excerpts below of the Chapel Talk or listen to the podcast.
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  • When was the last time you did something that you regret?

    Kristen Fischer
    Holderness Languages Depart Chair Kristen Fischer gave a Chapel talk at the Holderness Episcopal Confirmation about regret. Not just the things you regret doing, but the things you regret NOT doing. 
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  • "Leadership is Not a Title or Position but a Behavior"

    Phil Peck
    Last weekend I was fortunate to be in New York at an event at the Museum of Natural History to honor the retirement of Pearl Kane, who led the Klingenstein Program at Columbia University for almost 40 years. The Klingenstein Program is a premier leadership development program for independent school educators, and many of our colleagues have benefitted from that program and Dr. Kane’ mentoring.  The event at the Museum of Natural History was also a wonderful moment for Holderness because Pearl Kane’s successor, our Director of Teaching and Learning Nicole Furlonge, PhD, was announced. We heard from several renown speakers, and a constant theme was, “Leadership is not a title or position, leadership is a behavior.”
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  • What It Means To Be A Leader

    Nick Grammas '18 and Ben Jerome '18
    President Nick Grammas '18 and Vice President Ben Jerome '18 share their final thoughts to the school in the following Chapel Talk
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  • April

    What I Learned Along the Way

    Nigel Furlonge
    Associate Head of School Nigel Furlonge provides a thoughtful reflection on formative lessons in "What I Learned Along the Way." He discusses childhood and growing-up events that create a widening perspective of "God's plan." Some of his vignettes share what Mr. Furlonge learned about inquiry, testing limits, how to make mistakes, understanding that very often others are there looking out for him and to listen and learn from challenges offered.

    Excerpts below of the Chapel Talk or listen to the podcast.

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  • February

    Tiger Woman

    Jullia Tran '18
    Jullia Tran spoke in Chapel about her experiences balancing her life at home in Vietnam with her life here in America during our international festival.
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  • January

    Grow Down

    Bruce Barton
    Excerpts below of the Chapel Talk or listen to the podcast.

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  • A Personal Story in Honor of MLK Day

    Nicole Furlonge, PhD
    Holderness School gathered for a final program in our two-day celebration honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Director of Teaching and Learning Nicole Furlonge, PhD, shared a personal story about herself, identity, race, class, and family.

    We concluded our time together with these words of learning from our two days of reflection and celebration of Dr. King:
    • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
    • All it takes for evil to win out is for good people to do nothing.
    • Our lives begin to end the moment we become silent about things that matter.
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  • The Rev. Josh Hill at the annual Blessing of the Pets

    Lean On Me

    The Rev. Joshua A. Hill
    The Holderness community gathered together in the chapel on the first week back at school in the new year. Rev. Hill provided us with a brief explanation of why it is still Christmas and then shared from his own personal experience over the holiday season.
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