• Winter Mountaineering

    2016 - 2017
    Head Coach: Erik Thatcher

    Geographically, the landscape surrounding Holderness School is ideal for Winter Moutaineering, with a wide range of terrain for beginners to advanced climbers. And with the changes in season, climbers encounter a variety of conditions from rock to snow to ice. There are many students who prefer the intense and competitive nature of hockey, basketball, snowboarding, and skiing, but for the students who sign up for Winter Mountaineering, the challenges presented by nature are far more enticing.

    Similar to the rock climbing team, the winter mountaineering team provides opportunities through which students can set and accomplish personal goals. In the winter we frequent the same venues—Rumney Rocks and Franconia Notch—climbing single and multi pitch ice. We also spend many afternoons in Crawford Notch State Park, renowned for its high concentration of world-class ice and alpine climbs. On longer days we try to get above tree line into the alpine zone. Students learn skills critical to survival in the wilderness, including navigation, trip planning, and thriving and surviving in cold weather.

Team Schedule

Coaching Philosophy

At Holderness, the climbing teams focus on facing personal challenges instead of competing with others. In that way students progress at their own pace and achieve technical proficiency commensurate with how hard they choose to push themselves both mentally and physically. As students become more self-sufficient and learn more technical skills—such as rappelling, anchor building, and lead climbing—students can progress through more and more challenging climbs. Teamwork and camaraderie are also developed as students put trust in each other and keep each other safe; mutual problem solving and encouragement contribute to the team’s closeness as they figure out challenging and/or intimidating climbs together. 
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