Parents Are the Extra Magic

Suzanne Dewey
The focus and experience of community at Holderness is one of our hallmarks. The Holderness School Parents Association is an important way in which our parents add to the value of our community. The Parents Association is involved in the life of the school through its support of a variety of programs and events during the school year and they have some fun in the process.
The focus and experience of community at Holderness is one of our hallmarks. The pace of our academic year along with our size and mutual appreciation for balance and rigor establishes a framework where adults and students can learn from one another and develop a closeness that marks the Holderness experience. When one thinks of the adults who make a difference in helping to shape our community, we automatically think of teachers and coaches along with the roles that many staff members employ to help nurture and care for students. But the role of parents is also an added and vital benefit within the Holderness community.

Our Parents Association is just one of the ways in which our parents add to our community. In recent years, a group of parents, stewarded by Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Stacy Lopes, have routinely gathered to learn more about programs at the school, to serve as mentors for new parents, to offer an important perspective during admission open houses, and to host events and mixers that create connections within the student and parent community. One of the best things about this growing group of parents are the connections they’ve created among themselves.

The Holderness School Parents Association (HSPA) offers parents an opportunity to become involved in the life of the school through its support of a variety of programs and events during the school year. Current parents are all members of the HSPA; Kathy Cunha P ’16 ’19 and Suzy Lehner P ’21 co-chair this dedicated group of volunteers.

The HSPA makes a difference for the faculty/staff and the students but they also have a lot of fun. Just this past week they organized 20 gallons of iced coffee, made use of 75 bananas, four gallons of orange juice, four gallons of milk, one gallon of almond milk, and lots of other healthy ingredients (okay, there was also some whip cream) to create smoothies and coffee drinks for students to uplift and nourish during exams. They set up in the dining hall and greeted members of the Holderness community with good cheer on Monday and Tuesday.

If that wasn’t enough, they decided to treat the students to pizzas as a break from night time study rigors. They obtained 79 pizzas, tailored to dorm preferences, and set about their delivery. Now 79 pizzas is a lot especially when they have to go to 16 different dorms at a specified and pre-arranged time. This important task was not left to the pizza supplier but taken on by several parents. Rumor has it that the terrain was slippery (there is snow on the ground, afterall) and one of the parents almost tumbled and lost some of the pizzas in the melee. No worries, all dorms eventually enjoyed the pizza fest! And likely, these extra efforts helped the students excel in their studies.

As Stacy Lopes shares, “It is super fun to work with an amazing group of parents. They never fail to step up and help out. Most importantly they add to the wonderful sense of community we have here on campus.” The HSPA  provides parents an additional forum to gather and to be involved in the life of the school. They have been active through the fall and the winter and are planning a Raffle and Silent Auction for Winter Parents Weekend.

We salute these parents and thank them for adding to our community with their joy, enthusiasm, and many contributions of time and consideration. We are a richer community because of their participation.
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