Return of the Winter Schedule

Suzanne Dewey
Two years ago, the school piloted a changed winter schedule moving athletics into morning slots two days each week and adjusting the block times. After that pilot year, faculty and students provided feedback and tinkering was done last year and again this year to create a winter schedule that enhances teaching, learning, and balances our extra-curricular schedule.
Some of the motivation behind this winter schedule change include “scheduling our priorities” as Head of School Phil Peck shares, “We wanted something completely new for the winter term. We talked about making adjustments to our winter schedule for over 20 years, and not until recently did we take the leap.”  The school used almost a year of gathering data and feedback with the goal of uncluttering our priorities and taking advantage of new opportunities for teaching, learning and community building.
Some of the biggest changes include:
  • We’ve moved athletics in the morning and classes in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays which is especially helpful for our snow sports programs as they are not challenged by the darkening days
  • We’ve continued having a family-style lunch in lieu of dinner
  • We’ve moved chapel to Tuesday
  • We have hour-long classes that meet three times a week
  • We have meeting and club time scheduled, something that was hard to do in the winter schedule that we used earlier
There are studies that show that exercise at the beginning of the day benefits students throughout the day. And while that motivated the initial pilot, we’ve stayed with the improved-upon winter schedule because our faculty and students appreciate the “day” time and enjoy the streamlined scheduled that makes a less rushed and fragmented school experience.
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