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Donald C. Hagerman (1951-1977)

Full of energy and spirit, Donald Hagerman’s tenure at Holderness saw significant growth in the size of the school.
Full of energy and spirit, Donald Hagerman’s tenure at Holderness saw significant growth in the size of the school. When he first came to Holderness, 72 students were enrolled. Four years later, this number had jumped to 107, and rose to 226 by the time Rev. Hagerman left Holderness. Many new buildings had to be constructed to accommodate this growth, including Weld Hall, an addition to Schoolhouse, multiple dormitories, and Bartsch Athletic Center.

Rev. Hagerman also introduced programs that would later become Senior Thesis and Out Back, as well as began the programs that would develop into Holderness’s outstanding ski programs. Academics, sports, and extracurricular activities flourished under Rev. Hagerman, and by the end of his term in 1977, Holderness was beginning to consider going coeducational.

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