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Jessica Lahey, Best-Selling Author of “The Gift of Failure,” to Speak at Holderness Symposium

Greg Kwasnik
In late May, after graduation and final exams, Holderness School faculty will meet for Holderness Symposium, a learning experience designed to foster important conversations around teaching and learning. This year, faculty will learn from Jessica Lahey, noted teacher and best-selling author of The Gift of Failure
A writer for The Atlantic and The Washington Post and author of the New York Times column The Parent-Teacher Conference, Jessica Lahey is an internationally-recognized expert and thought leader on how parenting styles affect students’ motivation, learning, and resilience. Her best-selling book The Gift of Failure: How The Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, has become essential reading for parents, educators, and coaches. Her presentations simplify complex cognitive neuroscience and pedagogy, making the case that children learn and develop best when they are given autonomy and are allowed to feel competent and valued for the content of their character rather than the letters on their report card. She also provides actionable recommendations to help parents and educators reframe children’s temporary setbacks as beneficial steps toward lasting, longer-term success.
“I am thrilled to have Jessica join us at the end of this challenging year. I have found her to be a dynamic and engaging speaker; her experience in the classroom makes her claims about the classroom authentic. She is a person whose work aims to support kids in every way, even when it is hard or uncomfortable for the adults who care for them. As we navigate a return to a “new normal” after the experience of the pandemic and reinstitute some norms and rules, I can’t imagine a better speaker to have on campus.”
The Holderness Symposium is made possible by a gift for teaching and learning from a generous donor. Symposium is an immersive experience that aspires to be like a graduate course for faculty, allowing space to ponder a single important topic. This year’s topic is “Supporting Resilience and Equity”.

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