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Congratulations To Our Holderness School Leaders For 2021-2022

Our community gathered on May 5 to name our new school leaders during our annual Leadership Chapel, a tradition that spans more than 70 years. It’s a unique process without speeches or campaigning, where students are assessed on the qualities of fairness, initiative, dependability, and empathy. Holderness defines leadership as each person’s journey to serve and empower others, and we see these leadership characteristics as vital in developing servant leaders.
Congratulations to our Holderness School leaders for 2021-2022! 

President: Maizley Tone
Vice President: Wells Gillette
Weld Hall Supervisors: Rachel Storey and Sacha Levine

Girls House Leaders 
Fiona Hood
Judy Yin
Grace Murphy
Annika Howard
Fran D’Orio
Kate Gervais
Kerry Guinee
Grace Farley

Girls Floor Leaders
Ahenka Noyes
Sage Amalisken
Noelle Boes
Margot Roguet
Emma Reynolds
Coco Diemar
Annecy Kagan
Lisa Lin
Aly Fuster  

Boys House Leaders 
Edvin Bonnivier
Mack Bowen
Hugo Eneqvist
Russ Hutchinson
Ben King
Jamir Harvey
Donovan Cole
Ty Dahl

Boys Floor Leaders 
Natan Driker
Mack Pattee
Matt Dubois
Jay Edokpa
Ethan Greene
Alex McNabb
Bram Hikmate
Cooper Boulanger
Ethan Swanson

Job Leaders
Jackson Ehwa
Maya Clemente 
Lian Aviles
Terry Zhu
Evan Plunkett
Dalton Donovan
Hannah Donahue
Ryan Keene
Phoebe Fisher
Michael Carchidi
Mary Page
Liam Johnston
Dray Krahmer
Nicole Kanowsky
Jeptha Wade
Aldwyn Moynihan
Oliver Wiedemann
Sam Yap
Megan Cunningham
Nina Grappone
Adelaide Durant
Tommy Raymond
Ariana Anastos
Matt Stiles
Emmett Harris
Max Landis
Caroline Simmonds
Delia Cooper
Elizabeth Olson
Chase Picard
Hans Huber
Caroline Palmer
Mac O’Neill
Nick Purnell
Cosette Charron

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