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Holderness Names New “Head of Cool”

When Head of School Phil Peck announced that he would retire in June 2022, Holderness School began a nationwide search to find his replacement. While that search is still ongoing, the board of trustees has announced that Mr. Peck will spend the first year of his retirement on campus in a newly-created advisory role: Head of Cool.
As Holderness School’s first-ever Head of Cool, Mr. Peck will be a chill but totally rad fixture on campus. He will work out of his new ‘office’ by the foosball tables in Lower Weld, and commute to campus on his 1949 Triumph Trophy TR5 Scrambler Custom motorcycle – the same vehicle driven by Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in the hit ABC sitcom “Happy Days.” His Golden Retriever, Bella, will ride alongside him in a canine-safe sidecar.
“Oh jeepers, I’m quite ‘stoked’ to be stepping into this new role,” Mr. Peck said. “I’m ready to loosen the bow tie, show off my leather jacket, and take the school in a cooler direction. I think it’s going to be pretty neat.”
In his new role, Mr. Peck will be responsible for looking awesome, hanging out, and imparting valuable life lessons to the new head of school - whoever that may be. He also has plans to form a campus motorcycle club, Children of Empathy, where the only rule is The Golden Rule. Helmets will be required. 

“Whether he’s riding his motorcycle, protecting the school’s turf against Proctor, or fostering growth mindsets, Phil is as cool as an OB solo in early March,” said Board Chair Nell Reynolds. “We couldn’t just let him ride off into the sunset - although I admit that would have looked super, super cool.”

Happy April Fools! 

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