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Goldfish Girl: Absolutely Devine!

We are so excited to host Goldfish Girl, a live-action sitcom adapted for our masked and socially-distanced lives. Our student-actors have been hard at work preparing for this play that is written and directed by Theater Director Monique Devine-Robichaud. Goldfish Girl premieres on Thursday, November 5th at 7:30 PM. A live recording will be available for families on Saturday, November 7th.
This performance is closed to the public, and seating in our auditorium will be limited to reduce density and allow for social distancing. Members of the audience will wear face coverings, and actors will wear transparent face shields.

Goldfish Girl

An Original Play by Monique Devine-Robichaud

Cassie and David are suffering from recent breakups when they meet on Cinco de Mayo.  Cassie's friend George tries to keep the romance from happening, while David's friend Bob is pushing to get him to move on from his ex. In an attempt to get them together the friends push them to attend a wedding together.  As they return that evening to the apartment, two strangers convince Cassie that they are George's cousins! In a weird twist, they all become hostages in their apartment of the "cousins" as friends come and go, they are all wondering what this is all about! 
Goldfish Girl is what happens when you have the memory of a goldfish and you're left to believe whatever someone tells you!

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