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Abby '21

"Since coming to Holderness, something that I really uncovered about myself was my love for art... My journey through Holderness art programs led me to want to pursue architecture in the coming year."
What do you love about Holderness?
What I love most about Holderness is the people. Every day, I receive an overwhelming feeling of love and support from teachers and classmates. It's the subtle things that make my day, like being greeted on the path with a warm "Hey Abby," following a sweet smile that makes me feel right at home.

 What sports do you play? Describe your favorite Holderness athletics memory. 
In the fall I do cross country, in the winter I have done Eastern Alpine Skiing but now freestyle skiing, and in the spring I have done Girls’ Tennis. My favorite athletics memory is from the powder day we had last year at Loon. I woke up to a blanket of fluff on my way over to Bartsch. At Loon, the freestyle team kept lapping runs at North Peak in all the 12 inches of fresh powder. As each skier shredded their way down, the rest on the team was cheering raucously from the lift. The energy that morning was something I will never forget, the love of skiing was in the air.

What classes do you take? What is your favorite class and why?
I am taking AP Statistics, AP Environmental Science, AP Literature and Composition, Spanish 4, Modern Middle East, and Senior Thesis. My favorite class so far has actually been AP Statistics with Ms. Stigum. It challenges the way I look at distributions and how we see the world through data, so now I can decipher between factual information or information the media wants me to see. Within the first few weeks, I have already grasped a whole new perspective on data given to the public.

When you are not in class, where is your favorite place to go and why?
When I'm not in class, my favorite place to go is eating outside with friends on the picnic tables. It is such a release to just take a moment to just talk and socialize with others over a meal about our days and life in general. 

What have you learned about yourself since coming to Holderness? 
Since coming to Holderness, something that I really uncovered about myself was my love for art. In my sophomore year I took my second art requirement, Beginning Studio Practices. There I discovered my hidden talent for displaying detail. There was only one other person in my class, so the space provided an intimate setting. My first piece was the Princess Diana charcoal drawing. I had never worked with charcoal before and I was pleasantly surprised with the finish. Not only did I discover a passion for 2D design, but I also recognized that I am a super visual person who loves to pay super close attention to detail. Another medium that caught my eye was colored pencils. The majority of my AP 2D Design portfolio I created in my junior year consisted of colored pencil drawings. My journey through Holderness's art programs led me to want to pursue architecture in the coming year.

Describe your most memorable Holderness community moment.
My most memorable Holderness community moment was probably during my 9th-grade year when I lived in Sargent Dorm. In the spring, we started to watch movies on a projector in our common room. All the girls in my hallway snuggled up around the couches and we all watched "Harry Potter" together, nestled in what I liked to call our own cozy cabin.

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