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Campus Tours Return This Summer!

Greg Kwasnik
After a three-month hiatus, Holderness School is excited to once again offer on-campus tours for prospective students.
Like most schools, Holderness suspended all on-campus tours when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in mid-March. In the months since then, the Holderness Admission Office has worked tirelessly to give virtual tours to interested students through FaceTime, Zoom, and other digital platforms. This summer, the school will resume on-campus tours that adhere to social distancing protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control.
Here, Holderness Director of Admission David Flynn ’96 gives us the inside scoop on the new campus tours – and why prospective students and their families should tour campus now, rather than in the fall.   
How does it feel to be giving on-campus tours again?
After taking three months off of doing tours, I can tell you that I’m excited to welcome families back to campus, as is my team. We feel like we’re a little rusty, so we’ll practice before you get here. But we just look forward to seeing people again and sharing this experience and this community with others, and we do hope to see you soon.
So how will on-campus tours work in the age of social distancing?
What we’ll do is you will wear a mask when you’re in a building. When we’re walking outside you don’t have to wear a mask, but we’ll keep our distance of six feet. Sadly, we won’t shake each other’s hands, which is sort of a Holderness staple – we’ll respect the CDC guidelines. But I still think you’ll get a great sense of the campus. We’ll be able to go into all of the buildings, you’ll be able to see the spaces, and get a good sense of who we are and what we do.
What about on-campus interviews? Are those still happening?
We won’t do interviews in the buildings. We’ll find ourselves a quiet bench outside and chat out there - or we can set up a Zoom interview for later on.
If I’m interested in Holderness, why should I tour campus this summer?
For families who are in the process or starting the process for fall of 2021 enrollment, I think now is the time to come and see Holderness. There aren’t a lot of people on campus, but you can see the facilities, learn about our programs, and I think the opportunity is now. My hope is that over the course of the next eight to 10 weeks, we’re going to continue to be busy and be able to show off the whole school for lots of great families.
Will Holderness offer on-campus tours this fall?
We anticipate our ability to give tours will be limited this fall, or at least initially. And so if there are families who are curious about Holderness and interested in it, I really suggest taking the time to come see us now. We know that it’s more challenging to take a vacation right now. We know there aren’t as many camps, so maybe families are looking for something to do and learn something along the way. This would be a good way to come and use your time and to learn about our school and enjoy our naturally socially distant lakes, rivers, and mountains as well.

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Can’t make it to campus? Try our virtual aerial tour.

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