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Holderness Celebrates Academic Achievement, Community Contribution

Holderness School celebrated this year’s Prize Day in unique fashion.  While the school could not gather on Livermore Common to honor the academic successes and intellectual grit shown by our students, the community found creative ways to celebrate the achievements of our scholars.  Throughout the week, academic departments shared short, meaningful videos that recognized the work, growth, and accomplishments of our artists, historians, scientists, theologians, mathematicians, and linguists.  And, today, Holderness School came together virtually to honor several students who have made extraordinary contributions to the community.  
While there simply is not enough time to honor all of our students deserving of recognition for their achievements, we are proud of the work and effort displayed by each and every student this year. It is just as much of an honor to have been part of the many quieter, less heralded intellectual and community contributions that are daily earned in our classrooms and dormitories and along our paths. 

Congratulations to our award winners! 

The Walter Alvin Frost Award - Abigail Vieira ‘20
The Walter Alvin Frost Award is given in memory of a former student to the student who, in the judgment of the Head of School and faculty, reached the highest standards of the School.

The Marshall Award - Macy Arsenault ‘20
The Marshall Award is given in memory of the Rev. Robert Eliot Marshall, a former Rector of the School, for outstanding contribution to the life of the School.

The Webster Cup - Andrea Reynolds ‘20, Carter Rose ‘20
The Webster Cup Award is the gift of a former Rector, the Rev. Lorin Webster, to be awarded for excellence in athletics

The Richard C. Gallop Award - Rudy Beer ‘20
The Richard C. Gallop Award for Creative and Community Leadership is awarded to a senior student chosen by the Headmaster and the faculty. This award is given in memory of Richard Gallop, a parent and trustee, to a senior who demonstrates both creative and community leadership as one willing and able to assert those qualities which further the unique sense of community at Holderness.

The Don and Pat Henderson Award - Emilija Jakumaite ‘20
The Don and Pat Henderson Award is given to the senior who, in the opinion of the Faculty and Head of School, has given of themselves most freely and generously to the welfare of the community and has exhibited leadership.

The Haslam Award - Jerry Wang ‘20
 The Haslam Award is given by the School yearly in memory of the Rev. George Haslam, a former master, for excellence in Athletics, Sportsmanship, and Scholarship

The Dallas Award - Isabel Thompson ‘20
The Dallas Award is given in memory of John Thompson Dallas, a former Bishop of New Hampshire, to the senior who clearly exemplified loyalty and dedication to the Judeo-Christian ideals of the School.

The Ned Gillette Spirit Award - Gus Whitcomb ‘20
The Ned Gillette Spirit Award is awarded annually to the graduating senior whose career at Holderness best reflects Ned Gillette's genuine leadership, competitive attitude, and spirit of adventure. The Headmaster, in consultation with members of the faculty, selects the recipient.

The Dana H. Rowe Memorial Award - Malin Alusic-Bingham ‘20
The Dana H. Rowe Memorial Award is given to that girl in the senior class who has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the School through her academic achievement, her participation in sports and extracurricular activities, and her love of life.

The Clarkson Award - Katherine Santana ‘20
The Clarkson Award is given to the student in the junior or senior year who, in the opinion of the Faculty, has used their abilities to the fullest in the total context of the life of the School, and who has shown that they can persevere. 

The Coach’s Award - Olivia Branch ‘20, Benjamin Hutchinson ‘20
The Ford B. Hinman Coach’s Awards is awarded to the student or students who in the opinion of the Director of Athletics and the Head of School has contributed the most to the spirit of Holderness on and off the field.

The Bob Brooks Award - Griffin Lewis ‘20, Kiara Wilson ‘20
The Bob Brooks Award is named for Bob Brooks, a.k.a. "Brooksie," who worked at Holderness School from 1980 – 1997, and served as equipment manager from 1985 – 1997.  This award is chosen by the ninth grade class for the senior(s) who played the biggest role in making Holderness School a home.

The Faculty Award - Eleni Spiliotes ‘20, Nolan Sullivan ‘20 
The Faculty Award is awarded, by special vote of the faculty, to the graduating senior who has made a significant contribution to the life of the school.

The Academic Award - Abigail Vieira ‘20
The senior with the highest average GPA during their senior year.

The Harvard Book Prize - Tiffany Feng ‘21
The Harvard Book Prize is given to a student who displays excellence in scholarship and high character. 

The Kenyon College Presidential Book Award - Isabella Qian ‘21
Kenyon College Presidential Book Award is given to a student based on their intellectual engagement, creativity, and commitment to community.

The M.J. LaFoley Award - Maizley Tone ‘22, Sacha Levine ‘22, and Judy Yin ‘22
The M.J. LaFoley Award is given in memory of Martin John LaFoley, a former student, to a student in the third or fourth form who, in the opinion of the Head of School and faculty, exemplifies outstanding character and integrity, and who puts forth exceptional effort and spirit in all aspects of Holderness life


Art Department Awards
  • The David Lockwood Music Award - Chip Peterson ‘21
  • The William Bradford Whiting Prize For Art - Carolyn Fernandes ‘20
  • The Ceramics Prize - Sage Amaliksen ‘22
  • The Photography Prize - Gracie Roe ‘21
  • The Fiore Cup For Theatre - Eleni Spiliotes ‘20

Math Department Awards
  • The Elementary Math Prize - Caroline Simmonds ‘23
  • The Advanced Math Prize - Panupong Pitt Phoompuang ‘20
  • The Rensselaer Medal - Chip Peterson ‘21
    • This prestigious award has been awarded since 1916 to one student in any given high school and is designed to recognize that student’s strength and success in the fields of mathematics and science.

Science Department Awards
  • The Science Prize - Amanda Vansant ‘20 
  • The Spargo Award For Science - Angus Christie ‘20
  • The Anderson Scholarship - Isabella Qian ‘21
    • The Harry G. Anderson Jr. Memorial Scholarship is to a member of the junior class who, in the opinion of the Headmaster, in consultation with the math and science faculty, demonstrates outstanding initiative, curiosity and competence in the fields of astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics and related disciplines.
Foreign Language Department Awards
  • The Latin Prize - Eli Roundtree ‘23
  • The Elementary French Prize - Natan Driker ‘22
  • The Advanced French Prize - Astrid Martin ‘20
  • The Elementary Spanish Prize - Lisa Lin ‘22
  • The Advanced Spanish Prize - Carolyn Fernandes ‘20
  • The Elementary Chinese Prize - Jakob Nissen ‘22
  • The Advanced Chinese Prize - Eleni Spiliotes ‘20

History Department Awards
  • The Connor History Medal - Isabella Qian ‘21
  • The Ashworth Award For Excellence In European History - Tiffany Feng ‘21
  • The Ashworth Award For Excellence In United States History - Rachel Storey ‘22
  • The Sean Glew History Prize - Meg MacLaury ‘23

Theology & Religious Studies Department Award
  • The Theology & Religious Studies Prize - Abigail Cole ‘21

English Department Awards
  • The English Prize - Isabel Cole ‘20
  • The Writing Prize - Kirsten DiCicco ‘20
  • The Robert Creeley ‘41 Poetry Prize - Eleni Spiliotes ‘20


In always working towards the highest academic standards, the students recognized below have brought honor to the learning community and to the very principles of developed thought.  And it is through this work, in truth and honor, that they will bring justice to the world.

Last year’s inductees of the Class of 2020:
  • Rodolfo Scott Beer
  • Angus Alistair Christie
  • Carolyn Marie Fernandes
  • Eleanor Lee Page
  • Eleni Welsh Spiliotes
  • Abigail Vieira
  • Andrew Yang
This year’s inductees of the Class of 2020:
  • Malin Harriette Alusic-Bingham
  • Macy Grace Arsenault
  • Nikos James Carroll
  • Isabel Lucile Cole
  • "Mikey" Chayathorn Kulthonchalanan   
  • "Pitt" Panupong Phoompuang
  • "Jerry" Yihan Wang
  • "Mandy" Hanling Wu

And, finally, the inductees of the Class of 2021:
  • Abigail Kathryn Cole
  • Charlotte Bray Croft
  • Tianqi Feng
  • Natalie Mai
  • Griffin James O'Neil
  • Charles Francis Peterson
  • Isabella Qian
  • Nicholas George Spanos

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