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Ideas to Celebrate Your Senior!

Carol Dopp and Jini Sparkman
This is not the end of the year that we had expected or wanted, but it does not in any way diminish the Class of 2020’s accomplishments, growth, or our pride in their time here. You are Holderness Family, even from afar.  To that end, we've worked to come up with a list of ways that families might celebrate graduates on Commencement Day. We hope these are helpful or fun and create outlets for moments of joy. High school graduation only happens once!
  • Have the “graduation elf” visit in the night and decorate your home for when they wake up in the morning.
  • Think about how you celebrate other events and holidays (perhaps what is important culturally, religiously, or to your family) and recreate those (eg: What do Christmas mornings/quinceaneras/baptisms look like? How do you celebrate birthdays?).
  • Get dressed up. Do hair and makeup. Wear shoes!
  • Connect your computer to the biggest television in your house. Set up seating for viewing!
  • Plan a graduate photoshoot around the house. Some serious, some funny, some ridiculous. You will want to hang something on your wall in the years to come!
  • Plan a big breakfast or dinner depending on your time zone before or afterward! Ask your student ahead of time for some suggestions. If it includes items that might be hard to find, you might try finding them ahead of time! If they say, it doesn't matter, remind them that it does! Special dessert as well!
  • Have them do a graduation TikTok with the whole family!
  • Do you have a series of school photos throughout the years? Maybe blow these up and put around the house. Or a slide show might work as well that could run on a tv or computer for the morning.
  • Balloons! Flowers! Edible arrangements! Even confetti!
  • Have family and friends from outside Holderness send in short videos and make a commencement speech of them -- We bet siblings could help with this!
  • Get a group together for a drive-by parade.
  • If they have chosen a college, a team they are playing on next year, or even a gap year, get them SWAG! They can transition from Holderness clothes into something from that team, school, or place.
  • Would they like to send cards, letters, little gifts to friends that they miss or want to celebrate on that day? Or have them FaceTime in separately so that they are all together virtually during the commencement.
  • Decorate the outside of your home, your car, or the windows of your apartment.
  • Go ahead and buy that graduation gift you had planned on. If it is something that they can't have now, give them a picture--something to look forward to!
  • Take time this week or that morning to watch Graduate Together2020. It was a nationwide graduation celebration this past Saturday night. You might not like all the music, but the kids will and the messages are wonderful.  Or you can watch Matthew McConaughey's commencement speech from Good Morning America or Oprah's or Ellen's - -there are plenty out there! It will connect them with students all over the country and add some wonderful perspective that will hopefully help them look to the future.

We love you, Class of 2020! Congratulations.

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