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Senior Thesis - The Culminating Academic Experience

At Holderness School, Senior Thesis is the culminating academic experience that affords every student the opportunity to practice research and presentation skills with guidance from a class advisor and mentoring from adults with expertise within the student’s field of interest.  The Senior Thesis program is a bridge for seniors to move smoothly towards the college-level.  The project begins by asking a question that is of interest to the student.  Here are our 2020 seniors essential questions:
Maximillian Alden 
What are the key factors in developing a startup business, and what are the potential risks?

Malin Alusic-Bingham 
What role does unconscious bias play in policing and police brutality?

Macy Arsenault 
How has the advancement of field artillery affected the methods and strategies of war?

Eva Austen 
What motivates an adolescent to become a school shooter, and how can it be prevented? 

Rodolfo Beer 
Can a computer replicate human language?

Luc Bourbeau 
To what extent will Uber air impact the development of the personal flying car?

Olivia Branch 
How do certain populations express and interpret emotions?

Jared Carr 
What are the effects of concussion-induced isolation and what are the best ways to mitigate these effects?

Wyatt Carr 
What are the effects of pollution and climate change on coral reefs, and how can they be reversed?

Nikos Carroll 
In what ways are microplastics affecting the environment and what can be done to limit microplastic pollution?

Colin Casey 
How do cryptocurrencies and smart contracts affect individual and large scale economies?

Reilly Cepuritis   
How has the market for esports changed over time?

Angus Christie 
How can modern statistical practices provide soccer clubs with a competitive edge?

Isabel Cole 
How has foraging and small farming evolved over time, and how can they play a role in life today?

Kirsten DiCicco 
What role does psychology play in the haunted house industry? 

Binh Dinh 
What are the influences of social media on businesses?

Delaney Dolan 
What can we do to break the stigma of the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder for children?

Ebba Eneqvist 
How can we use physical and mental training to prevent injuries in ski racing?

Eric Favreau 
What are the benefits of functional training versus weightlifting in sports performance?

Carolyn Fernandes 
How can Holderness improve on combating climate change?

Henry Frandsen 
What does it take to make a successful independent film?

Eric Freudigman 
How do fighters and ultra-marathoners achieve peak performance both mentally and physically?

Emma Gagne 
How do you effectively market and sell luxury real estate?

James Gemmell-Hughes 
What is the relationship between “purist” and “mainstream” cultures in climbing and skateboarding? 

Andrew Gotts 
How can the number of hockey-related concussions be reduced?

Mason Grasso 
What is the impact of global sea-level rise on coastal communities, and what is being done to address it?

Seth Gray 
How do you build a brand from social media? 

Katrina Grzeszczuk 
Has the Catholic School curriculum adapted to the current cultural climate?

Dalton Gustafson 
How can I move forward to recover from my concussion?

Ben Hutchinson 
What does good customer service do for a company or business?

Thomas Inwood 
Existentialism and Absurdism: What are they, how have they evolved, and how are they relevant? 

Emilija Jakumaite 
What makes a serial killer and does media coverage encourage more killing?

Benjamin Jansen 
Are waterfowl hunting and wetland conservation antithetical?

Emilie Jones 
Where do our clothes really come from? The high rise of fast fashion industries today.

Connor Keegan 
How do communities recover from natural disasters?

Shawn Kim 
What makes up an art department in a film set, and how does it affect the overall quality of a film.

Julia Knight 
How does prison rehabilitation affect the rate of recidivism in the United States?

Chayathorn Kulthonchalanan 
How can we deal with air pollution?

Thomas Larson 
What are the best methods to optimize training in and out of the gym?

Cole Lehouiller 
What factors have contributed to the decrease of Vermont dairy farms?

Patrick Lessard 
Who is in the business of preventing concussion in football?

Griffin Lewis 
What does the future look like in the UAE (with the depleting of oil)?

Yuechen Liu 
How has social media and the resale market changed the streetwear culture during the past decade?

Lillian Magnus 
How has hiking gear changed with the developing technology, and how can we create better gear from these innovations?

Timothy Manning 
How does mindset affect a team and individual performance?

Astrid Martin 
How can genetic engineering and gene therapy be used to study and treat genetic diseases?

Luca Martinez-Ostos Merino 
Why is great leadership a rare commodity?

Hanna Mason 
What are the impacts of social media on a woman’s body image?
Noah McIntire 
How does water quality effect trout and their habitat?

Ruby Mundy Shaw 
How have the behavior and the migration patterns of Humpback whales evolved from the effects of whaling?

Jan Novitsky 
What are the benefits and downsides to sports specialization?

Eleanor Page 
How is climate change impacting coral reefs, and what can we do about it? 

Jordan Parlett 
How does political polarization in the United States affect climate and environmental policy?

Jake Pelusi 
What are group processes, and how can a better understanding of them help people work and thrive in social settings?

Panupong Phoompuang 
How does background music affect concentration? 

Patrick Reilly 
How can sports psychology be used to help sports teams and their athletes?

Andrea Reynolds 
What are the societal and cultural factors leading to fewer female drivers in Formula One?

Alexander Robbins 
What are the advantages and disadvantages of commercial space programs, and what does their development suggest about the future of space travel?

Spencer Sachdeva 
How is ketamine being used to treat depression?

Katherine Santana 
How effective are juvenile rehabilitation programs in the lowering of recidivism in adulthood?  

Claire Sheehan 
What makes someone a psychopath, and can psychopaths be held responsible for their actions?     
Devin Shepherd 
What are some potential reasons for a loss of bonefish in the Florida Keys, and how can these effects be corrected?

Eleni Spiliotes 
What is the relationship between fast fashion culture and consumer behavior? 

Jonathan Storey 
What are the positive and negative impacts studying abroad has on perspective, world view and relations of the travelers, and within the host communities?

William Strobeck 
How has plastic pollution affected commercial fishing, and how has commercial fishing affected plastic pollution?

Nolan Sullivan 
Do dreams hold a deeper meaning?

Isabel Thompson 
What are the effects of nostalgia on an individual’s perception of life and their behavior and personality traits?

Amanda Vansant 
Why is climate change a polarized issue in today’s politics, and what can be done to make climate change a more bipartisan issue?

Henry Vaule 
How are local governments and organizations working to reduce the homeless population in urban areas?

Abigail Vieira 
What role can Genetically Engineered foods have for the future?

Zizhen Wang 
How has the sneaker culture developed and what’s the future of this culture?  

Yihan Wang 
What are the achievements of the Chinese Hockey Industry and the challenges that it needs to overcome? 

Gustav Whitcomb 
How has battery equipment changed the arboriculture industry?

Kiara Wilson 
How can teen moms be best supported?

Andrew Yang 


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