Congratulations to our Holderness School Leaders for 2020-2021

Today we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our leadership election.  And in that 70 years, the only change to this electoral framework has been the inclusion of empathy -- and now Zoom.
Holderness defines leadership as each person’s journey to serve and empower others, and we see these leadership characteristics as vital in developing servant leaders. The leadership criteria that all community members -- from student to Head of School -- are evaluated on is Fairness, Initiative, Dependability, and Empathy. Here are our school leaders for 2020-2021. 

President: Adam McNabney
Vice President: Chip Peterson
Weld Hall Supervisors: Honor Paton and Jobe Gemmell-Hughes

Girls House Leaders
Charley Croft
Pippa Sheffield
Helen Nguyen
Halle Barker
Abby Palmer
Madison Roth
Summer Brayton

Girls Floor Leaders
Mae Whitcomb
Emma Filosa
Ava Wilson
Alia Piccinni
Kaydence Le
Isabella Qian
Tiffany Feng

Boys House Leaders
Jack Bayreuther
William Clouse
Garrison Gagnon
Atkin Dwyer
Pierce Bewlay
Charlie Morris
Alexi Twahili
Ian Switzer

Boys Floor Leaders
Griffin O’Neil
Charlie Crumbo
Jack Sawyer
Henry Richard
Ethan Hayes
Kyle Woodworth
Ryan McNamara
Aiden Belt
Nick Spanos

Job Leaders
Abigail Cole
Jimmy Bocock
Gwen Bowler
Tyler Boes
Yansel Reyes
Topher Davenport
Muhamed Kante
Maizley Tone
Jackson Ehwa
Sacha Levine
Wells Gillette
Rachel Storey
Edvin Bonnivier
Russ Hutchinson
Matteo Turrin
Greyson Heinzer
Patrick Guinee
Brooks Reed
Judy Yin
Fran D’Orio
Annika Howard
Emma Reynolds
Ty Dahl
Sage Amaliksen
Mack Bowen
Natan Driker
Grace Farley
Cooper Boulanger
Annecy Kagan
Aldwyn Moynihan
Ben King
Jeremi Tremblay
Dray Krahmer
Michael Carchidi
Donovan Cole

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