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Judge Broderick Brings Mental Health Awareness to Holderness

Stacy Lopes
Yesterday, the school heard from retired New Hampshire Supreme Court Chief Justice John T. Broderick Jr. He shared a deeply personal story about how he and his wife didn't see the signs of the mental illness that had slowly crept into his teenage son's life. After being in and out of rehab facilities during his 20s, his son physically assaulted the Chief Justice one night, leaving him in the ICU for eight days. This act led to a three-year incarceration and eventual rehabilitation when a prison psychiatrist finally diagnosed his son's mental illness. 
Now retired, Judge Broderick spends his time working with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and teaching students the signs of mental illness through the REACT campaign. While powerful and raw at times, his message was one of tenderness and hope. He encourages communities to learn the signs of mental illness and be brave enough to step in to help someone in crisis. 


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