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Revitalizing Residential Life

Andrew Herrring
Holderness School is a hive of activity this summer.  With the Gordon Research Conferences on campus to share some of the latest findings and advancements in science and construction well underway on the new academic facility, it might be easy to miss an equally important project: the replacement of a dormitory.
The Henderson Dormitory, named in honor of Holderness icons Don and Pat Henderson, will offer residents on The Hill a more neighborhood-like vibe.  The original faculty residence has received several significant upgrades including a new roof, siding, and windows. The dormitory, though, has been completely replaced with a new, best-in-class modular structure.  
This new construction will provide housing for up to 8 students and elevate Holderness School’s ability to deliver on its residential life philosophy, offering a kitchenette, laundry facilities, and a common area.  

The addition of 4 new beds is not meant to grow the number of enrolled students but rather provide the school added flexibility as enrollment trends point to greater numbers of boarding students.

Head of School Phil Peck stated, “we want to make The Hill one of the most attractive living spaces on campus for both students and teachers.  The Henderson Dormitory and renovations of the faculty residence will go a long way towards achieving those goals.”

Holderness School anticipates that similar renovations will take place on The Hill over the next several summers. 

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