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Bold Construction Project Begins at Holderness School

Andrew Herring
Following the successful completion of the Elevating Academics Campaign, Holderness School has begun a historic project that will see the construction of a new academic building as well as renovations to existing academic spaces.  Driven by the guiding principles of innovation, collaboration, and flexibility, this project will have a lasting impact on Holderness School’s ability to deliver a transformational education.
Work is well underway in order to support the construction of a new 35,000 square foot academic building that will be home to Holderness School’s math and science departments. The new facility, expected to be completed in winter 2021, will feature wet and dry science labs, flexible classrooms and collaborative breakout spaces, enhanced faculty planning spaces, and an atrium-like Winter Garden that connects the space with the outdoors and captures views of Stinson Mountain. Construction on an adjacent outdoor classroom, academic quad, and renovations to existing academic spaces will follow the completion of the academic facility. 

The facility will be situated atop an embankment that overlooks the Pemigewasset River and the Town of Plymouth. Significant site work is necessary prior to the construction of the facility’s foundation, which is expected to begin early in the fall.  Site work will include infrastructure improvements to storm water drainage, water, sewer, and biomass distribution. 

In support of the new academic building, Holderness School is opening a secondary entrance along Route 175, which will eventually connect to the school’s existing road and primary entrance.  The additional entrance and road will provide a perimeter loop around campus, improving traffic flow and giving emergency vehicles improved access to campus. The new loop road will also better separate vehicles from pedestrians.

With the start of construction, Head of School Phil Peck stated, “Over ten years ago we dreamed of a new science and math building, and we have been planning and fundraising for that building intensely over the last three years.  Now, it finally feels like a reality. We have countless pieces of heavy equipment -- cranes, dozers, excavators, huge trucks, and more -- all around campus. We are filled with anticipation as this exciting vision becomes a reality!”

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