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Spring Athletics Recap

Max Paro '17
Despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to disrupt the spring athletic season, Holderness coaches and athletes powered through the heavy rain and even a few snowstorms to cap off a successful athletic year.
Carrying the team motto of “together” wherever they went, the boys’ varsity lacrosse team had an impressive season from start to finish. Co-captain Colin Hoeffner '19 felt the boys’ varsity lacrosse team began their season strong “by strengthening the bond of [their] team on [their] annual spring training trip in Arizona.” This bond was evident early on as the team took down Exeter for the first time in almost two decades in their first game of the season, followed by a come-from-behind overtime victory against St. Paul’s. The Bulls rode this momentum to a 9-3 regular season record and a berth in the Lakes Region Tournament. While their season ultimately ended with a loss to New Hampton in the Lakes Region semi-finals, Colin knew the team had developed “an appreciation for hard work and fun” which allowed them to play their best lacrosse for much of the season.

Despite the earlier-than-desired end to their season, the boys’ efforts did not go without recognition; four players were named All Northern New England All Stars (Beckham Bayreuther '19, Ben Hutchinson '20, Nolan Sullivan '20, and Griffin O’Neil '21), two were selected All Lakes Region All Stars (Tyler Boes '21, Griffin Lewis '20), Beckham Bayreuther won the Bob Scott Award, head coach Duane Ford was named the 2019 Northern New England Man of the Year, and the team won the Northern New England Team Sportsmanship Award. In a message to his team regarding winning the Sportsmanship Award, Coach Ford said: “So PROUD of you and so happy that the league coaches see what Coach Casey and I witness every game. To be great sportsmen in the most tense competitive moments is the real goal of any team, and we did it.”

Kept off their home courts for much of the month of April, the Holderness girls’ varsity tennis team battled the elements almost as frequently as they battled their opponents. Despite the lack of court time, the girls began their season with a 3-1 record, including an 8-1 victory over Proctor in their first home match of the season. In the Lakes Region Championship, Lilly Patterson '19 won the #2 singles bracket. The team’s #1 player Allegra Driscoll '19, when asked to reflect on the season wrote: “The team had great energy this year. Everyone was supportive of each other and had a great attitude during practice and on match days.” A moment that embodied the girls’ work ethic and enjoyment of the sport came on a rainy day; Allegra recalls: “It was lightly raining, and Mr. Stigum was a few minutes late. Instead of waiting for him to get there to start complaining about the weather, we all grabbed our racquets and started hitting. It was great to see the team so enthusiastic about playing, and that same spirit remained throughout the season!”

After losing several key players off of last year’s squad to the varsity, the boys’ JV lacrosse team had some questions going into the season. Co-captain Quang Do '19 was unsure of what to expect from the team: “On paper, we weren’t as talented as last year. Our stick skills, at least for middies, were better last year and our [defense] was bigger in size.” However, this seeming lack of talent and size did not appear to affect the Bulls on the field as they rolled to a 9-1-1 record and an undefeated season against Lakes Region opponents. The boys leaned on a young defensive trio of Mack Bowen '21, Greyson Heinzer '21 and Dray Krahmer '22, along with starting goalie Stephen Griffith '21, to hold the opposition to an average of 4.9 goals a game. Offensively, the team was led by Spencer Glascock '19 and Brooks Reed '21, both of whom averaged over three points per game and combined accounted for more than half of the team’s goals. When asked about his experience during his final season in a Holderness uniform, co-captain Matt Butchma '19 said: “I was seriously impressed by the sense of brotherhood I felt on the team, with players constantly picking each other up after bad plays and motivating them to get to the next one. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

For the third consecutive year, the Holderness track team took home first place in the Lakes Region. For the girls, Taylor Teich '19 won gold in both the 800 and 3000-meter races, while Mae Whitcomb '21 topped the podium in the 400 and 1500-meter races. On the boys' side, Nick Fenn '19 claimed two medals by finishing second in the Long Jump and third in the 100-meter, while Justin Kim '22 brought home a team high four medals, winning the Long Jump and finishing third in the 200, 400, and 800-meter races. With no on-campus track to train on, the team often braved the early morning trek down to Plymouth State (PSU) for the opportunity to use their indoor facility. Taylor Teich gave her thoughts on their winning season writing: “We all worked on improving our times in our events and had some impressive wins and personal records. From our runs to Cafe to 6:00 am PSU indoor track workouts, it was a pleasure to be part of the Holderness track team.”

Prevented from tackling many of their larger and more altitudinous climbs this spring due to slick rock faces, the rock climbing team spent a large portion of their season bouldering. Bouldering, while not as acrophobia-inducing as traditional rock climbing, leaves the climber harness-less and requires greater physical strength. First-year climber Jack Sawyer '21 learned “that rock climbing is about trust and desire.” Elaborating on the importance of trust and desire in rock climbing Jack wrote: “Some people might see trust as an easy step; just know that the person down below can properly belay and you'll be fine. To me this is not the case. The key principle that changes the way in which someone can excel in rock climbing is trusting themselves to hold onto that rock with every last ounce of muscle in their fingertips and toes. Once this is achieved, it is just a matter of what you want to climb, in other words, desire to achieve. These steps come especially easy from working with the Holderness rock climbing team because of the immense amount of encouragement from coaches and teammates.” Jack also took the time to create a video highlighting the rock climbing team’s season which can be seen here.

Consecutive three-goal wins on home turf against Proctor and Kimball Union at the close of their regular season gave the girls’ varsity lacrosse team a 6-5 regular season record against Lakes Region competition and earned them the fourth seed in the Lakes Region playoffs. Unfortunately, the Bull’s season was cut short by a very talented St. Paul’s team in the semi-finals.

Led by their seven seniors (Abby Boes '19, Drea Chin '19, Siggy Fitzgerald '19, Darby Palisi '19, Julia Phillips '19, Bridgit Potter '19, and Morgan Sisson '19) the girls battled every time they stepped on the field and never balked when faced with adversity. When speaking about the team’s grit and determination, head coach Christine Lushefski looked towards their home game against Brewster which “went into 5 overtime periods. Unfortunately, Holderness did not come out on top, but they certainly showed the heart and resilience that defined them all season.”

Trapped within the confines of the rink turf and the fitness center for the early portion of their season, the varsity golf team was forced to use their competitive matches as their on-course practice. Head coach Ivar Dahl explained that due to this lack of practice, “The team found themselves struggling out of the gate. Individuals found mixed results but always kept a positive tone and kept things light.” The boys were persistent in their pursuit of success and improvement, and “as we approached the end of the season and the Lakes Region Championship, the team was loose and confident in their play,” said Coach Dahl. Entering the Lakes Region Championship as the fourth seed, the boys had the opportunity to make up for their early-season struggles. The Bulls arrived on the course ready to play with a lineup of #1 Jackson Lehner '21, #2 Matt Hynes '21, #3 Atte Aalto '19, and #4 Devin Shepherd '20. The team took home the Lakes Region Championship, with Jackson Lehner claiming the individual title with a Stableford score of 60, just edging out New Hampton’s #1 by a single point.

Thank you for supporting Holderness Athletics this year. We look forward to more successful seasons next year and beyond.


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