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Their Voices: Last Time Through The Picador

Suzanne Dewey
The Class of 2019 graduated. We welcome them as alumni, now. Their impact on our school is woven into the fabric of our community in big and little ways. We salute those who shared their thoughts and toiled as young journalists in The Picador -- a publication by Holderness students for the Holderness community. Please enjoy brief excerpts from the final issue of the 2018-19 academic year. We salute the Class of 2019 and cheer them on in all future endeavors and hope they will always let their voices be heard.
Taking a Chance: My Holderness Story by Lexie von der Luft ‘19

“I eventually realized that Holderness wasn’t changing me. It was enhancing me. It was bringing out the parts of myself that were always buried inside and dug them up, like some sort of lost treasure. The supportive environment, the kind teachers, and close friends that Holderness provides made it so easy to come out of my shell.”

Bridgit Potter’s Senior Reflection by Bridgit Potter ‘19

“Though there are so many things that I wish I had done while I was here, these four years still remain the best of my life thus far, and I worry that college won’t be able to fill Holderness’ big shoes. For every Head’s House, hang out at snack bar, open skate, bonfire, fly fishing trip, spring lacrosse game, lip sync performance, warm Head’s Day, and Manny’s pizza order, my heart breaks a little bit more knowing that I have to depart this place.”

Embracing What Lights Your Fire by Kitt Urdang ‘19

“When I look back on my Holderness experience, my only regrets are the times I sat on the sidelines holding my tongue rather than jumping into the thick of it, something I did out of fear of what others would think. I hope a student of any age can see from my time at Holderness that a true “Bull” can be intellectually curious and pursue that curiosity unapologetically. The only way the culture of curiosity can thrive is if we continue to be brave and make a conscious choice to dismantle the instances of apathy that exist today.”

“If I were to tell my little self four years ago that I went to high school in Holderness, New Hampshire where winter is basically year round, I wouldn’t believe myself for one second. However, here I am. I survived ODC (Outdoor Crew) my freshman year, I survived Hagerman cleanup living in Sargent my sophomore year, I survived OB my junior year, and I survived the college process my senior year. Mind you, all of this happened during the coldest and wettest times at Holderness. This makes my Holderness experience sounds quite horrendous so far, and I know what you are thinking, I’m not here to tell you that it was arguably the best four years of my life either. However, I’m here to tell you that it was the most worthwhile.”

“Two nights of amazing performances later and everyone on campus will have “Dancing Queen” stuck in their heads for days. The theater program led by Ms. Monique Devine, gave a fantastic showing of Mamma Mia that earned a standing ovation from the school.”

List of 3 news stories.

  • Emerald Pool Study

    The Emerald Pool Opens at the Edwards Art Gallery

    Andrew Herring
    Albert Bierstadt, the German-American painter renowned for his landscapes of the American West, came to the White Mountains to capture its simple yet overwhelming beauty. What came to life through nearly a decade’s worth of work was The Emerald Pool, a massive oil-on-canvas monument to the natural majesty of a hidden swimming hole along the Peabody River in the Pinkham Notch.  Recounting The Emerald Pool, Bierstadt said, “I never had so difficult a picture to paint, as this White Mountain subject the Emerald Pool; my artist friends think it my best picture and so do I.” 
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  • Being On Mission: Convocation 2019

    Phil Peck
    At Holderness we deliberately build community through the people we bring in and programs we support. Today I want to share one story about people who showed us what it means to be a mission-centered community and talk about one unique program that is hitting a milestone. 
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  • The Bulls are Back in Town! Holderness School Welcomes New Class of Students

    Andrew Herring
    Kicking off its 141st year, Holderness School welcomed new students to campus on September 5th.  Under blue skies and surrounded by the cheers of joyful Senior Leaders, 114 new students eagerly joined the Holderness School community.  The day was filled with smiles as new students and families unpacked their cars and turned dorm rooms into a home away from home.
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