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2019 Senior Sentences

The Commencement diploma sentences for each student in the class of 2019 can be found below:
Atte Ilmari Aalto - This year’s Dallas award winner clearly exemplifies loyalty and dedication to the school. His quiet leadership and outstanding perseverance have been a model for all his teammates, classmates, dorm mates, teachers, and coaches.

Keenan Bassem Alnahas - A determined young man who knows his own mind, Keenan has taught us much about living true to yourself and forging your own path through the world - a path that involved jumping ahead to join this year’s graduating class.

Thalia Lynn Anastos - Winner of the Dana Rowe Award, Thalia has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the School. Her infectious enjoyment for life and her dedication to the Holderness community are distinctive.

Connor Michael Androlewicz - Connor truly cares for his School, his friends, his teammates, and he elevates our school spirit in many ways. Always well quaffed, well dressed, and with his game face on, Connor’s success is ensured in his next adventures.

Jamison Thayer Bayha - In his avid love of the outdoors in all seasons, Jamie has discovered the possibilities of combining his passions with his educational pursuits. He will be somebody you will want to guide you on your next adventure.

Beckham John Merz Bayreuther - This year’s Coaches Award winner is an avid athlete and outdoorsman. He is a natural leader and an impressive athlete who has left a strong mark on many people in this community with his infectious smile and can-do attitude.

Yarmony Mactaggart Bellows - A model of perseverance and joy, Yarmony has been a shining star on our stage, our ice, and in the lives of her peers. Keep your eyes open for this young thespian as she continues to pursue her passion for acting.

Joseph Riden Biddle - A one-year post-graduate who jumped into our community with both feet, Joe became an instant leader on the soccer field, hockey rink, and in the dorm.

Abigail Anne Boes - A genial, passionate leader of Weld Hall, Abby brightened our grayest days with her big bubbly smile. She supported our common work with ready enthusiasm doing jobs that needed to be done for the welfare of the community.

Jean Ben McNulty Booker - Ben possesses a determination to live his life the way that best suits him. His creative mind and openness to new ideas made him a joy to teach and know. A scholar and philosopher, his mind and heart are full.

Henry Paxton Bunting - In his one year at Holderness, Paxton has never failed to bring a positive vibe and attitude to every situation. His easy-going personality, ready smile, and cheerful outlook made him many friends; he was a perfect match for our community.

Mathieu Daniel Butchma - As Matt described himself, he showed up fashionably late, got his work done, and will leave right on time. This bright and capable student left his mark quietly and profoundly on everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.

Claudia Violette Cantin - Don’t be fooled by her friendly smile; this young woman who was part of the West-wing gang, is uncompromising, tenacious, and determined. You don’t want to get in her way in the classroom or on the field.

Kahlyriah Carleena Carter - K.C.'s accumulation of basketball points marks her determination as an athlete.  Her smile marks her warm heart and love of life! Next year she will trade her Holderness blue for Carnelian red.

Drea Lee Chin - Drea is a young woman who knows how to manifest her future in a way that will impact the world, one small gesture of leadership at a time. Her support of teammates, friends, and other day students was instrumental to their success and overall well-being.

Charles Patrick Cunha - It’s a good thing this four year 3 and 20 JV baseball player has his music to fall back on. This self-described “fun-haver” who definitely “got it,” has wowed us on stage with his musicianship and amused us with his antics and facial expressions.

Hayden Stiener Dahl - This mover and doer and lover of the outdoors, is endowed with an infectious smile and fun-loving spirit, which sometimes gets him into trouble!  Kinetic and potential energy animates this positive and supportive friend.

Stian Elstun Davenport - Stian may be many things, but he is not the “vegan rights activist” that claims to be. His subtle wit and quietly intrepid spirit have made him many loyal and life-long friends who are sure to share many adventures to come.

Dylan Jon de Vries - This student body President and Marshall Award winner, led us this year with his caring, kind, humble, and generous spirit. Dylan was a friend to all and the embodiment of happiness and optimism.

Quang Minh Do - Strong-willed and fun-loving, Quang blazed his own trail through Holderness which included flooding Buzz’s room. A model for the “Carry the Luggage” award given to selfless athletes, Quang supported his hockey team by stepping into the goal when needed.

Griffin Edward Doherty - A lifer at Holderness, Griffin connected with both the community and the outdoors. This inquisitive and friendly young man was also an angler who developed an appreciation for the fish-filled waters and the meandering trails of the woods.

Bryn Carolyn Donovan - A humble nurturer of all living things great and small, Bryn gave voice to those who felt most silenced. This year’s winner of the Don and Pat Henderson award has contributed generously to the welfare of this community, exhibiting quiet, and sometimes not so quiet, leadership.

Javier Dorado Gomez - This easy-going and care-free Spaniard is far from home but found a home on the basketball court and among a close group of friends who may one day find out exactly where the Canary Islands are located.

Allegra Frances Driscoll - With the presence of a pop star and the creative spirit of a poet, this talented musician has been an ally and friend to many, leaving a legacy of music and musicians in her wake.

Tanner James Ensign - Our only southern Californian hockey player, Tanner has developed his passions for photography and video game design all while excelling as a dorm leader and kind friend and classmate.

Sydney Anne Fascetta - Arriving just this past August, Sydney was a hardworking student and a fierce competitor on the ice. She was also a caring friend to her peers and all the children on campus.

Nicholas Robert Fenn - This reserved young man from the Mountain West walks his own quiet path but exhibits a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness if you’re lucky enough to step into the orbit of his interests and observations.

Alexandra Grace Ferri - Ali is serious about her reading, her music, her friendships, and her faith but always saves time for laughing out loud in the dorm. One of the many blessings she brought to our community was the sheer beauty of her singing voice, which had the power to transport us to the very heavens.

Oliver Buzby Fisher - Though Buzz is the third Fisher sibling to graduate from Holderness, this endurance thoroughbred forged his own path and found success in the classroom, on stage, and in the woods, roads, and lakes of NH.

Sofia Sigrid Fitzgerald - Siggy’s competitive focus, sense of fun, and drive for excellence, whether on the field or slope or even leading her pantry crew while on crutches, paints a vivid picture of Holderness grit and grace.

Isaiah William Fox - Foxy's speed on the soccer field and on the ice will be missed next year, but we know his future community will appreciate his athletic finesse and smooth ways. He is a true friend and supporter to all around him.

Siwakorn Fuangkawinsombut (Tai) - This Thai Scholar named Tai from Thailand, came, saw, and conquered everything from O-hike, to JV2 soccer, to becoming a Webby boy. Along the way, he enriched the lives of all who were fortunate to know him.

Izak David Furey - Izak, a three-sport varsity letter winner in Theater, Photography, and golf. This year’s Bob Brooks award recipient is a constant friend ready to help anyone who might need support, sympathetic counsel, or a hug.

Lily Paige Gillette - Beneath her quiet, unassuming exterior lies a purring engine of purpose, driving her goals as a fierce scholar, determined athlete, and a true friend. Lest you think she’s all business, this young lady’s smile and giggle reveal her joy for life.

Meghan Francis Gillis - Meg is a spirited leader who brought energy and enthusiasm to her teams, classes, dorm life, and all school events. She is also a fun and loyal friend to many, and will quickly be central to college life next year.

Sebastian Alexander Gingras - Seb was a strong teammate who was always ready to help others whether it was in the dorm, classroom or hockey rink. This one-year Canadian was quick to embrace our community and share his positive energy.

Spencer Latimer Glascock - Spencer wins the award for the most number of inches grown since his freshman year. A quiet, humble leader in the dorm and friend to many, this Floridian displays Southern ease and charm, and earns extra kudos for character simply for enduring four years of Northern NE winter when he could have been basking in the tropical heat of his home state.

Yeonghwang Gwon -  The elder statesman for the student body, Young is a respected member of our community. His maturity, seriousness of purpose, kindness, and sincerity are a model for his classmates.

Viivi Sofia Hämäläinen - An engaged and dedicated leader from Finland, Viivi modeled perseverance and empathy in her academics, friendships, and athletics. Her friends will remember her spunk and fearless approach to life.

Patrick William Heffernan - A good friend, a fun-loving leader, and a caring mentor, Patrick reminded us of the importance of personal connections to live a fulfilling life.  

Thomas Patrick Hendricks - Tommy's unique humor hid a quiet curiosity and leadership that was felt across the campus. His ability to persevere this year in the face of physical adversity was a testament to his unflappable way of living.

Colin Jackson Hoeffner - Unafraid to ask challenging questions, Colin has remained steadfast in his pursuit of truth and self-betterment and the occasional fish at the end of his fly line.    

Zi Yan Huang - Jovial and unerringly kind, Ziyan worked to build a sense of community both on campus as a dorm leader and on the other side of the globe, where he’d graciously play host to Holderness visitors in his hometown of Beijing, China.

Bryce Christopher Johnson - Unassuming, yet an extraordinarily talented athlete, student, and friend. Bryce's levity and care for all showed the community other ways to lead.

William Robert Keating - Will deserves a drumroll in his walk up to this spot. It was his literal drumbeats that set a steadying tempo and energetic drive for not just the many performances he gave while here, but also the ordinary moments of community life, in which his kind and gentle humanity took center stage.

Shaun Zhi Qian Kwan - A curious and creative student, Shaun was never afraid to share his beliefs in pursuit of making diversity and acceptance paramount. This sword-making Singaporean lived by the motto “Life is short. Be original.”

Ziqing Lin - This Gallop award winner embodies creative and community leadership. Lily exudes kindness and determination in every aspect of her life. She has contributed quietly to the betterment of the school during the four years we have been fortunate to know her.

Jakob Walter Madigan - On the court and on the field, Jake displays the heart and tenacity of a competitor; without a ball in play, that same heart beats with tenderness and care towards the family and friends he holds most dear.

Victoria Bridgit Michienzi - Toe's quiet and humble demeanor belies a selfless, thoughtful, and funny friend and leader. She models for all us all how to go toe to toe, pun intended, with our most daunting fears and challenges.

Aukkarwit Nakprasert - This Thai Scholar who we know as “Palm” has been a humble and kind intellectual leader on the Holderness campus. He has willingly helped many others develop an understanding and even enjoyment in those areas he understands so intuitively - mathematics and physics.

Ha Tran Gia Nguyen - Far from the balmy breezes of Vietnam, Mina has learned to forge her own path in this cold, snowy climate, displaying innate kindness, as well as focus and drive, in a way that envelops others in the glow of her radiant warmth and energy.

Linh Khanh Nguyen Hoang -  Linh’s unique voice stirs others to follow the guiding passions of intellect and creativity, not to mention the sheer beauty of honest expression. Whether she’s engaged in a classroom discussion or singing at an open mic, she invites us into a space where individuals can thrive in community.

Adam Novák - This one-year Czech student was anything but a shrinking violet; in fact, whether it was on the stage or sidewalk, Adam truly owned it, making his way into the Holderness community with energetic flair, charisma to spare, and abundant kindness. Ever the gentleman, his sense of humor and positivity will be missed.

Cecilia Cole O'Marah - At turns goofy, graceful, stylish, and silly, Ceci is a beautiful and endearing blend of contradictions and surprises. Ceci's kind, cheerful demeanor and zest for life made her a fun and positive member of her classes, teams, and dorms.

Alexandre Robert Hargraves Oliver - Alex is an astute observer of the human condition, and a conscientious leader of our community, which made him an excellent classmate, teammate and dorm leader -- that is, if you didn’t have to share space with him, namely in what he himself deemed “the messiest room on campus.”

Darby Gage Palisi - A force to be reckoned with on the ice and fields, this year’s Coaches Award winner is a positive, motivated, and kind friend who lifts others with her contagious smile.

Megan Alison Panier - More capable than she knows, more determined than she shows, Meg endured challenges this year that have tested and strengthened her body and spirit. Despite these obstacles, she was determined to make the most of her two years at Holderness, including competing in her first cycling race only weeks after ditching her crutches.

Lillian Gold Patterson - Lilly leads with positivity and by example in the classroom, dorm, fields, and courts. Her infectious giggle brings people together and makes everyone smile.

Joseph Samuel Pelletier - Joe is no regular Joe. In fact, his outstanding leadership on the field, in the dorm, or most visibly in Weld, distinguishes him as a uniquely gifted young man in possession of charisma and kindness, passion and compassion, humor and humility.

Emily Rose Peltier - Emily -- certainly for the day girls in her charge --  is like the cool big sister, who gives you good advice, inside tips, and moral support to get you through those tricky high school days. Her nurturing spirit will serve her well as she looks ahead to a career in nursing.

Julia Catherine Phillips - Energetic, smiley, and just a little sassy, Julia's unassuming presence and unwavering willingness to contribute to a team, whether in athletics, theater or service, made every group she graced better.

Anthony Finnegan Pilaro - He of the high-flying, warp-speed skateboard that assaults the ears before passing in a high-pitched blur, Finn attracts attention for more than his mode of transportation. A talented artist, helpful usher, and stare-master of ceremonies, he brings a palpable energy, love of community,  and a uniquely buoyant spirit to Holderness.

Kevin Patrick Pitts - A top point producer athletically over the past two seasons, Kevin's tough and gritty personality, and his affection for his friends and teammates will be missed in the classroom, on the ice, and on links.

Anna Margaret Pollak - Anna's quick, genuine smile embodies her ability to befriend all in our community.  We also admire the true joy she takes in collaborating with and caring for others.

Joseph Anthony Pollak - This JV corner kick specialist and Eastern Alpine Captain, was very committed to his studies and was a quiet contributor to the life of the school. His calm presence and kindness permeated every activity and relationship he had on campus.

Catherine Delings Pollini - Cate has the soul of a poet, the panache of a designer, and an effervescent personality on the stage that has delighted her audiences and uplifted her friends.

Bridgit Appleyard Potter - Don’t let her demure bearing fool you. Bridgit’s wry, mischievous sense of humor and her sharp, often irreverent intellect attracts others to her like bees in an apple yard. (Get it?) She is a conscientious learner and competitor, who exudes joy and compassion in all aspects of her life.

Kathryn Elizabeth Potter - Kathryn displays a tenacious spirit in all aspects of school life. This Clarkson Award winner was willing to use her abilities to the fullest, stand up for what she believes, and persevere through challenges. We are thankful for her contributions and the mark she left on this community.  

Kelly Hui-Lee Qian - A methodical scholar, astute friend, caring ally, and committed athlete, Kelly has embraced all of her Holderness experiences with a zest that has accompanied her around the globe.

Elizabeth Doty Reed - This caring mental health activist is a model of perseverance. Liz's curiosity and passion will continue to drive her as she pursues a life in support of others.

Avery Denison Reynolds - This dedicated and hardworking student knows as much about lobsters as Latin. Her witty personality and open nature have brought delight to this community and will bring light to the dark Scottish winters of St. Andrew’s next year.

Morgan Leigh Sisson - This Webster Cup winner is feisty, competitive, diligent, spirited and fully engaged in Holderness life. Morgan Sisson is an exemplary leader and role model.

John McGraw Spence - In his one year with us, Jack brought with him, in his words, some of his "East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff"! Whatever that means, we know that his life here was filled with friends, adventures, and even injuries, which never erased the warm smile and kind words he had for all.

Mikayla Anna Stolar - With a big heart, a ready smile, and always the offer to help, MK is the embodiment of the servant leader, setting an example by quietly letting her life speak to the best that she is, the best that there is. Her humble nature and unassuming leadership have made us a better community, and a better school.

Taylor Patricia Teich - To encounter Taylor on the path is to bask in a moment of sunshine. Her attentive, caring nature and dedication to her schoolwork and friendships, as well as her passion for running, have made us the lucky beneficiaries of her two years at Holderness.

Michael Joseph Trask - Feisty yet respectful, hard-working yet relaxed, Michael grew in confidence and care for others. At times, he took the road less traveled, but those opportunities enriched his experience and all those who had the pleasure of working with him.

Katherine Sarah Urdang - A curious and committed scholar, citizen, and activist, Kitt is committed to a life of action for the betterment of her world and community.  Be careful, though - if you cross her in an argument, you might just find yourself skewered by her precise words and sharp ideas.

Alexandra Lauren von der Luft - A thoughtful learner and kind-hearted friend who not only wrote her own book but also graced us with her impeccable recitations of poetry, Lexi has soared in her time here and may one day realize her dream and literally fly into space.

Samuel Andrei Walzak - This curious and kind student has only one gear -- full throttle. Whether on a bike, skis, an erg or in a boat, Sam seeks the limits of his abilities and always does the best work that he can until he can do no more.
Connor Stevens Woolley - In his one year at Holderness, Connor has shared with us his kind-hearted spirit, his easy-going personality, and his ability to persevere through challenging circumstances.  Although his time with us was short, we are grateful for the many ways he made our community better.

Andrey W. Yao - To be or not to be? Why is there air? What is the meaning of life?
This year’s Frost award winner’s intellect and curiosity about everything, combined with sincere compassion and concern for his community, personifies the highest aspirations of Holderness School. He is brave and brilliant, and we will miss his big mind and big heart.

Sergio Jia Qi Yap - An excellent leader, videographer, athlete, and friend, Sergio shines in many areas. Smart, inquisitive, kind, goofy, and concussed are just some of the qualities that describe Sergio, an all-around great human being.


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