Senior Thesis

Every year our seniors engage in a capstone program known as Senior Thesis. This is a year long learning adventure examining a topic of their choice and is required of all students. They conduct research, write a literature review, engage in an experiential investigation regarding their topic, and present a TED-style talk to the community at the end of the year.
As Senior Thesis Director Sarah Barton states, "For some, digging into something that fascinates them is ideal. For others, the design of the class, with largely independent work, is hard." Next week, each senior will present their 20-minute talk on their essential question. Click on the following links to see their topics, posters, and the presentation schedule.

Anna Pollak '19 examined fear in athletic performances and made a podcast interviewing a few Holderness athletes. The podcast features Kathryn Potter '19, Joe Peletier '19, and Ebba Eneqvist '20. Enjoy this thoughtfully done podcast as an example of work done in a Senior Thesis.
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