We Did It! The Elevating Academics Campaign Surpasses Fundraising Goal

Holderness School charted a bold course for our teaching and learning program when we publicly launched the Elevating Academics Capital Campaign in 2018. After two and a half years of strategic planning and fundraising, Holderness is proud to announce that the campaign has achieved its goal of raising over $27.2 million!  
The initial fundraising goal was $25 million but thanks to a matching gift from an anonymous donor that challenged other donors, the goal stretched to $27.2 million. Head of School Phil Peck joyfully states, “It is unbelievable how many individuals reached out and gave of themselves to support teaching and learning at Holderness. We are pinching ourselves with this news for it allows us to break ground for the new academic building later this year without requiring any debt leverage. We have raised $27,310,000! We are beyond thrilled.”
Board Chair Robert Hall shared that, “The campaign had many donors who just came through in amazing ways. The momentum started with a very generous bequest, continued with the largest gift the school had ever received, and was accelerated with a phenomenal yet anonymous matching challenge that generated excitement in our community and helped us cross the finish line.”

Rendering of the front of the new academic building
One of the lead donors and current member of Holderness’ board of trustees Andrew Davis commented, “I’ve had first-hand exposure to the kind of school that Holderness is and how it impacts students. I care deeply for Holderness and believe the new academic building and renovations to the existing academic campus landscape will have a significant impact on the school. This new building will help to amplify the academic programs that already exist and make room for new programs to develop...The educational programming is already there and now there will be a place for it to reside.”
“The school is immensely grateful to Andrew, our anonymous donor family and the many other wonderful donors who believe in Holderness and who exemplify our core value of service beyond self,” relates Phil Peck. “Their combined generosity has enabled us to enter a new era for innovative, collaborative, and flexible learning spaces AND such generosity has allowed us to reach our goals much faster than we believed possible!”

Rendering of the new academic building next to Livermore Hall
The Elevating Academics campaign will allow for the construction of a new academic building, increasing the size and configuration of many existing learning spaces to augment collaborative, hands-on, and interdisciplinary learning, and the creation of an academic quad that thoughtfully connects classrooms with the outdoors. Hagerman Center, for example, will feature re-sized classrooms and enhanced theatre spaces that amplify its current import on campus. Once completed, academic learning space will double with the addition of 33,000 square feet. The new and renovated spaces will increase labs, break-out/planning spaces, special use facilities (maker spaces, fly loft and a black box classroom), and enhance collaboration, teaching, and learning for decades to come.
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