Reflecting on Special Programs 2019

Project Outreach, Artward Bound, and Out Back ended on Thursday! Fortunately, we had a great crew of photographers out and about with the students and we've put together of slideshow of all their adventures. This article begins with reflections from Associate Director of Communications and Marketing Emily Magnus that she read in the Thursday Chapel service, officially ending special programs and marking the beginning of spring break!
As many of you may know, next year will be the 50th anniversary of Out Back. This program has been a powerful force in the lives of our students, and it will be a challenge to figure out how to celebrate it meaningfully and in ways that truly demonstrate the impact it has had. As we have begun to meet and plan, I keep coming back to something that Director of Outdoor Programming Erik Thatcher said. He reflected that for many of our alumni and current students, their memories of Out Back, and their reflections on them, change. Through time and experiences how they remember Out Back and what the program means to them changes. I suspect the same is true for Project Outreach and Artward Bound. In fact, I would encourage all students to keep an open mind about their experiences. At times, you may draw on the courage you developed. At other times, your memories and reflections may lead you to different career choices or life experiences. And at times, the memories may provide comfort or confidence or connection or perhaps sometimes humility. As you watch this slideshow and as you go forth from this chapel, keep your memories of special programs close but allow them to remain fluid and changing.


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