A Snapshot of the World by Holderness Journalists

The Picador  defines itself as a publication that serves to inform the Holderness School community and stimulate discourse through the thoughtful and respectful exchange of ideas, featuring the dynamic and insightful voice of the Holderness student body. Below are brief excerpts from some recent articles posted on The Picador’s website. There are two opinion pieces discussing the use of technology, an article about paper use on campus, plus a not-to-be missed outside the bubble report on participating via a press pass in Politics & Eggs.
By Ali Ferri '19

The presence of technology in everyday life is undeniable, but for me, there are situations in which the extent of this presence is concerning. As most individuals of this generation, I am an offender of phone overuse. However, over my four years at Holderness, the ever-increasing presence of technology in the community has become palpable. Ultimately, this development has the potential to go against the values of the school, and disturb Holderness’ culture…read more.

By Lilly Magnus ‘20

The week we got back from Winter Break, students were required to go to an assembly and watch the Screenagers, a documentary on the effects of screen time. For some, the mention of Screenagers is met with laughs and groans, but it has also made people more observant of their screen use. Even if students don’t change their habits it has still made them more aware…read more.

Presidential Hopeful Julian Castro Speaks in Manchester
By Kitt Urdang ‘19

...I was just happy to be there, sardined up against the back wall with the other members of the press, namely, adults with giant cameras and microphones that would broadcast this out to television networks. I’d spent the past few days emailing frantically, trying to figure out how I could secure a press pass to the occasion, getting excused from class, and scrambling to find a ride. The program, Politics & Eggs, is a legendary speaker series that has hosted Presidential candidates at St. Anselm College since Kennedy’s 1960 bid for the office. I was proud of the effort I put in to get here, and I was determined not to miss a single word...read more.

By Isabella Qian ‘19

...To learn more about paper usage, I interviewed Mr. Hill about the paper used in Chapel. Mr. Hill’s efforts in conserving paper in Chapel programs are effective. Not only do Chapel programs only take up one sheet of paper now but also we are often asked to share programs with peers. “When we do a big Chapel that requires paper,” Mr. Hill said, “I cut down the number of copies to half […] and I print front-back.” As a result, each Chapel service requires less than a 500-sheet ream of paper. Additionally, all paper collected after each program goes directly to recycling...read more.
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