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  • April

    An Easter Homily

    Bishop A. Robert Hirschfeld
    An Easter Homily given by Bishop A. Robert Hirschfeld
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 19, 2019

    Friday 4/19
    Girls' V Lacrosse vs. Brewster 9-10 L OT
    Girls' JV Lacrosse vs. St. Paul's 6-11 L
    Boys' V Tennis vs. Cardigan 3-6 L
    Girls' JV Tennis vs. Proctor 4-5 L
    V Softball vs. Tilton L
    Boys' JV Tennis vs. New Hampton 2-7 L
    From Wednesday 4/17
    2nd Place overall (team)
    Taylor Teich: 2nd Place 3000m 2nd place 800m
    Mae Whitcomb: 2nd Place 1500m 5th place 800m
    Justin Kim: 2nd Place Long Jump
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 20, 2019

    Saturday 4/20
    Boys' V Lacrosse vs. Brewster 7-13 L
    Girls' JV Lacrosse vs. Brewster 15-5 W
    Boys' JV Lacrosse vs. Brewster 12-2 W
    Go Bulls!
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  • An All-School Reading List

    There have been over 25 submissions for the All-School Read from students, faculty, staff, and parents. Not all can become All-School Reads, but the submissions make for an excellent reading list of any kind.
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 17, 2019

    Wednesday 4/17
    Girls' V Tennis vs. Proctor 5-4 W
    Girls' JV Tennis vs. Proctor 2-5 L
    Boys' V Tennis vs. Proctor 3-6 L
    Boys' JV Tennis vs. Proctor 2-4 L
    Boys' JV Lacrosse vs. Proctor 12-4 W
    Girls' JV Lacrosse vs. Proctor W
    V Softball vs. Brewster L
    JV Baseball vs. Proctor 8-9 L
    Girls' V Lacrosse vs. KUA 11-10 W
    Boys' V Lacrosse vs. Hebron 19-5 W
    V Golf vs. Andover L
    Go Bulls!
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  • Next Steps For Holderness Athletes

    Max Paro '17
    As the snow seems to finally be exiting the Holderness campus, the college admissions season too is coming to a close. For some members of the class of 2019, this has meant deciding where they will continue their athletic careers in the coming years. This year, three Holderness seniors (Connor Androlewicz ‘19, Beckham Bayreuther ‘19 and KC Carter ‘19) have committed to play Division I athletics at the next level.
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 13, 2019

    Saturday, 4/13
    Girls' V Tennis vs. Brewster 7-2 W
    Girls' JV Lacrosse vs. New Hampton 5-8 L
    Boys' V Tennis vs. New Hampton 0-9 L
    Boys' V Lacrosse vs. Pomfret 12-17 L
    Girls' V Lacrosse vs. Vermont Academy 14-3 W
    Boys' JV Tennis vs. Dublin L
    Go Bulls!
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  • “Lent. Wait. What’s Lent?”

    Rev. Joshua Hill
    Easter is a moveable feast. Unlike Christmas, which is always Dec 25 or All Saints Day which is always November 1, Easter’s date is determined by the moon. Specifically, it is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox. This year, Spring Equinox was on the same day as a full moon. But you can’t double dip. So we had to wait a full moon cycle after March 21 for the next full moon. Which is April 19th. And then the first Sunday after that is April 21. Easter. Why am I telling you this?  So now you know. And knowing is half the battle.
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  • Full Circle Opens in the Edwards Art Gallery

    Franz Nicolay
    The creative life is an imperative for human beings. It adds challenge, joy, fulfillment, and purpose to one’s trajectory in this physical plane. Recognizing this at an early age, our artists made the decision to embrace bold exploration and cultivate their commitment to working with materials of engagement and expression.  In each case, our alumni directly responded to the culture and dynamic life and environment surrounding them.
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 10, 2019

    Wednesday 4/10
    Boys’ V Lacrosse vs. Berwick 16-3 W
    Girls’ V Lacrosse vs. NMH 7-9 L
    Boys’ V Tennis vs. Tilton 3-6 L
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  • Say Yes To Holderness!

    We enjoyed meeting our prospective students and their families during revisit days. As our Director of Admission David Flynn '96 stated, we are biased but we think you should come to Holderness. Our current students also have some thoughts about why you should say #YesToHolderness in the video created by communications intern Max Paro '17. We look forward to getting to know you next year!

    Watch this video on why our students think you should come to Holderness!
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  • Sarah and her husband, Bruce Barton.

    Q&A with Faculty Member and Senior Thesis Director Sarah Barton, MA, MEd

    Suzanne Dewey and Sarah Barton
    We often “catch up” with long-term faculty members in our magazine, Holderness School Today, and thought spending some time with English teacher and Director of Senior Thesis, Sarah Barton would also be enjoyable for our digital readers especially after sharing what many of this year's seniors have done for the March Experiences, part of the Senior Thesis endeavor. Sarah Barton MA, MEd  joined the faculty in September 1993. She and her husband, Bruce (Director of College Counseling), live on the Hill and are both vitally involved with the school. They also are the parents of alumni Jake '13 and Maggie '16.
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  • The Bull Stampede: April 3, 2019

    BVL 8 - Phillips Exeter 6
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  • 2019 Winter Athletic Award Winners

    It was a great winter for Holderness athletics; even now many snow sports athletes continue to compete in post-season events! We had a chance to recognize a few individual achievements of our winter athletes during our Winter Sports Assembly in March. Below are short write-ups on the student-athletes who were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments! Photos of individuals receiving their awards can be found in the Holderness Smugmug Gallery! 
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  • Eastern Alpine - End of Snow Season Update

    Max Paro '17
    While the majority of the Holderness student body was relaxing and enjoying their spring break, the Eastern Alpine Ski team was hard at work preparing for and competing in their largest races of the season.
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  • March

    What is the “It” of Holderness?

    Suzanne Dewey
    When prospective families visit the Holderness campus, some of them feel it. Our students know it. Our alumni might refer to it as that Holderness feeling. While completing his tour of New England boarding schools, one Oregon alumnus discontinued the remainder of his school visits once he saw Holderness. Both he and his family knew he had found his home. His four years as a student only reinforced that first impression.
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  • A Journey Toward Informed Empathy

    Suzanne Dewey
    With the guidance of Director of Equity and Inclusion Director Jini Sparkman, this winter the school embarked upon a multi-week learning and habit changing exploration. In a letter to the entire school community and alumni, Head of School Phil Peck and Jini Sparkman quoted from social justice educators Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., Debby Irving, and Dr. Marguerite Penick-Parks:
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  • Third Quarter Honor Roll Announced

    The Honor Roll recognizes and commends outstanding achievement and effort in the academic program. Holderness School recognizes that each student's growth and progress is complex. Quarterly comments written by faculty better reflect the unique path traveled by each student, and the Honor Roll and Effort Honor Roll are simplified but significant markers of the engagement of our students in the most recent marking interval.

    Honor Roll
    Effort Honor Roll
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  • 2019 Girls Varsity Basketball Championship Highlight Reel

    Coach Joe Arsenault put together a highlight reel of the girls varsity basketball NEPSAC Championship game vs. Vermont Academy. Relive all the highlights here!
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  • We Did It! The Elevating Academics Campaign Surpasses Fundraising Goal

    Holderness School charted a bold course for our teaching and learning program when we publicly launched the Elevating Academics Capital Campaign in 2018. After two and a half years of strategic planning and fundraising, Holderness is proud to announce that the campaign has achieved its goal of raising over $27.2 million!  
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  • Creating Holderness Leaders

    Phil Peck
    Head of School Phil Peck reflects on the ten day special program period with students and parents before they embark on their spring break:
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  • Reflecting on Special Programs 2019

    Project Outreach, Artward Bound, and Out Back ended on Thursday! Fortunately, we had a great crew of photographers out and about with the students and we've put together of slideshow of all their adventures. This article begins with reflections from Associate Director of Communications and Marketing Emily Magnus that she read in the Thursday Chapel service, officially ending special programs and marking the beginning of spring break!
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  • Anticipation On Out Back Before Solo

    Max Paro '17
    The junior class descended upon Bear Notch on Thursday as they prepared for their three-day solo adventure. Approaching the halfway point of Out Back, the groups have been graced with great weather, bar a few inches of snow. The trend looks to continue as the forecast predicts above freezing temperatures for the remainder of the trip. 
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  • Dig Deep and Listen - A Glimpse of Artward Bound

    Holderness School's Artward Bound program gives tenth graders an opportunity to dig deep and listen to their creative voices. This year artists-in-residence introduced students to pewter casting, improv, songwriting, dancing, drumming, graphic design, painting, and ceramics. While we could tell you all about their amazing creations, their final pieces do a much better job showing the students' passion, effort, and amazing creativity! Take a look through this mash-up to view just some of the projects the tenth graders finished in the first week.
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  • The Power of Persistence

    Suzanne Dewey
    Imagine being a high school senior in the press box with CBS, CNN, and the major media outlets while Senator Kamala Harris, candidate for the Democratic nomination, is feet away providing her stump speech to a gathered crowd in a New Hampshire venue. This is an unlikely place to find the co-editor-in-chief of Holderness’ Picador. A high school journalist with press credentials? How did that happen?
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  • NEPSAC Finals

    Max Paro '17 and Margot Riley
    This winter season showed levels of athletic play that have been exceptional. We had four teams contending for tournament play and two teams who extended the season in an exciting and Bull-fashioned display of well-coached moves, athletic prowess, and grit. We salute all of our teams and take special pride in the postseason success of the boys varsity hockey team and the girls varsity basketball team. It has been a great winter to be a Bull.
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  • The Bull Stampede: March 2, 2019

    Saturday 3/2
    Girls’ V Basketball vs. Lexington Christian Academy 81-38 W
    Boys’ V Hockey vs Rivers 4-2 W
    GO BULLS!!!
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  • More Than Just Singing Notes

    Emily Magnus '88
    If you were around this fall, then you heard about the newest club on campus, the Holdernotes. The Holdernotes, Holderness School’s first ever a capella group, debuted at the fall concert, ramping up the energy in Hagerman and bringing the performance to a whole new level. Fortunately for us, they’ve continued to pursue their love of music throughout the winter and just last month performed in the quarter-final round of the International Competition of High School A Capella (ICHSA).
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  • February

    The Bull Stampede: February 27, 2019

    Girls’ V Basketball vs. Bancroft 94-27 W
    Boys’ V Hockey vs. Proctor 9-6 W 
    Go Bulls!!! 
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  • Winter Playoff Preview

    Max Paro '17
    Holderness will have two teams representing the school in the NEPSAC playoffs this week, the boys’ varsity hockey team and the girls’ varsity basketball team. The girls are the #2 seed in the Class D Bracket and the boys are the #7 seed in the Small School Bracket. With the playoffs beginning on Wednesday, both teams prepare to make a deep run and cap their respective seasons off with a championship.
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  • A Snapshot of the World by Holderness Journalists

    The Picador  defines itself as a publication that serves to inform the Holderness School community and stimulate discourse through the thoughtful and respectful exchange of ideas, featuring the dynamic and insightful voice of the Holderness student body. Below are brief excerpts from some recent articles posted on The Picador’s website. There are two opinion pieces discussing the use of technology, an article about paper use on campus, plus a not-to-be missed outside the bubble report on participating via a press pass in Politics & Eggs.
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  • 2019 Cheri Walsh Memorial Eastern Cup Race

    Emily Magnus '88
    Another Cheri Walsh Memorial Eastern Cup Race is in the books. Snow, mixed with rain, made selecting the right kick wax a challenge, and even on the downhills the going was slow. But that didn't dampen anyone's spirits. With help from DJ and Holderness Music Director Alec Sisco, racers, spectators and volunteers sang and danced their way through the day. This year's race course featured an epic jump shortly before the finish, and while racers could choose to ski around the jump, many chose the quicker method, sending it through the air. The Bill Koch race at the end of the day proved to be the highlight of the day; what could possibly be better than seeing the next generation of nordic racers discover their love and passion for the sport? Below is a highlight reel from the day.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 22, 2019

    Friday 2/22
    Girls' V Basketball vs. KUA 56-64 L
    Girls' V Hockey vs. New Hampton 1-2 L
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Brewster 6-0 W
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Marianapolis 50-57 L
    Varsity Alpine Skiing at the Lakes Region Championship on Wednesday 2/20:
    Boys Lakes Region Team GS bronze medalist:  Holderness School.  One point from Silver!!!  SPS:  391  CMS:  349  Holderness 348
    Congrats to:  Adam Novak, Donovan Cole, Alex Robbins, Leon Thiel, and Spencer Sachdeva for representing a spot on the podium.  
    Go Bulls!
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  • Playoff Teams

    Max Paro '17
    The Bulls have had a successful winter season, and as teams prepare for their final few regular season games, attention has begun to shift towards the prospect of postseason play. Both the girls’ and boys’ varsity hockey and varsity basketball teams are in contention for NEPSAC playoff spots. It has been over a decade since Holderness last had four teams in the same season competing for New England championships.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 20, 2019

    Wednesday 2/20
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Cardigan 40-56 L
    Girls' JV Hockey vs. Proctor 0-5 L
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Gould 88-33 W
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. New Hampton 33-34 L in OT
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Berwick 4-2 W
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Kent's Hill 7-0 W
    Go Bulls!
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  • Celebrating Our Diversity

    Marilee Lin
    The return from Winter Parents Weekend coincided this year with the Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Spring Festival in China and Tet in Vietnam), the most important holiday in the home cultures of many of our Asian students. On that February 5, we kicked off nearly two weeks of celebrating the diverse cultures of Holderness with food, festivities, and the beautiful sound of our many voices.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 18, 2019

    Monday 2/18
    Girls’ V Basketball vs. Proctor 62-78 L
    Girls’ V Hockey vs. Brewster 4-0 W
    Boys’ V Hockey vs. Proctor 5-1 W
    Eastern Alpine Skiing update for U16's:
    Nominated to represent Holderness and the State of NH at the U16 Eastern Regional Championships at Sugarloaf, ME March 7th-13th:  
    Emma Reynolds (won Sunday's slalom qualifier at Mittersill this weekend!)
    Jasmine Whittaker
    Wells Gillette
    Annika Howard
    Topher Davenport
    Joe Colwell
    Nominated to represent Holderness and the State of NH at the U16 Eastern Finals at Gore Mountain, NY March 14th-19th.
    Charley Croft
    Madison Roth
    Ty Dahl
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 15, 2019 & February 16, 2019

    Friday 2/15
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Worcester 4-4 T
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Vermont 39-55 L
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Beaver Country Day 58-56 W
    Saturday 2/16
    Boys’ JV1 Basketball vs. Dublin 43-55 L  
    Boys’ JV Hockey vs. Proctor 5-2 W
    Boys’ V Hockey vs. St. Paul’s 0-4 L
    Girls’ V Hockey vs. Middlesex 5-1 W
    Boys’ JV2 Basketball vs. New Hampton 40-29 W (Hayden Dahl scored 21 points which included three 3-pointers!)
    Girls’ JV Hockey vs. Groton 3-6 L
    Boys’ V Basketball vs. Vermont 61-74 L
    Go Bulls! 
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  • Day of Giving 2019 - An Un-Bull-Evable Success!

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their #HoldernessLove and helped us reach our Day of Giving goals.  We raised $192,910 and thanks to some late night work done by Bullsy we finished with a record 879 gifts!   
    We could not have done this without all of you Bulls. Thank you so much for your continued support and #HoldernessLove!
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 13, 2019

    Wednesday 2/13
    Boys’ JV2 Basketball vs. Brewster 23-41 L
    Girls’ V Hockey vs. Proctor 3-0 W
    Girls’ JV Hockey vs. Berwick 6-4 W
    Boys’ JV Hockey vs. Berwick 5-1 W
    Boys’ V Hockey vs. Winchendon 6-4 W
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 10, 2019 & February 11, 2019

    Sunday 2/10
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Cégep de Sherbrooke 70-41 W
    Monday 2/11
    Boys' V Basketball vs. KUA 68-76 L
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Winchendon W

    Nordic Skiing Update
    The Holderness Girl's Nordic Team won the Sibley Award at the New Hampshire Coaches Series race last weekend. Over 40 teams from all over New Hampshire competed in two races and the Holderness Team took the overall. 
    In a field of almost 250 high school girls, they were anchored by top ten results from Amanda Vansant, Mae Whitcomb, and Olivia Lammivaara. Buzz Fisher and Gus Whitcomb also represented Holderness well with a 4th and 20th place respectively. 
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  • Excelling At Every Level

    Max Paro '17
    Holderness prides itself on safe risk-taking. The school works to create an environment where you can try something new, possibly fail, possibly succeed, and definitely learn. Holderness has teams and athletes who reach the highest levels of competition and we also have teams and students who are learning how to compete, even learning how to play a sport. Such is the case with Quang Minh Do '19. He didn't even know how to skate when he arrived on-campus two years ago. He started managing the boys JV hockey team but an opportunity presented itself and Quang rose to the challenge.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 9, 2019

    Saturday 2/9
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Bradford Christian Academy 72-85 L
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Hillside 2-6 L
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Cardigan 33-50 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. KUA 18-41 L
    Boys' V Hockey vs. KUA 4-4 T
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 8, 2019

    Friday 2/8
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Hoosac 4-1 W
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. New Hampton 38-53 L
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Proctor 64-77 L
    Nordic Race on Wednesday 2/6 at home:
    Team Results (out of 10 teams)
    Girls 1st
    Boys 4th
    Individual Results: 
    Olivia Lammivaara 3rd
    Amanda Vansant 5th
    Mae Whitcomb 6th
    Buzz Fisher 4th
    Gus Whitcomb 9th
    Go Bulls!
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  • Day of Giving 2019!

    This year's Day of Giving is on Tuesday, February 12th. Money raised on the Day of Giving (DoG) goes to the Holderness Fund. The Holderness Fund pays for 10% of the school’s operating costs.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 6, 2019

    Wednesday 2/6
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Tilton 48-73 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. Tilton 24-41 L
    Girls' JV Hockey vs. New Hampton 1-8 L
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Brooks 0-1 L
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Tilton 6-3 W
    Snowboarding at Cannon (Lakes Region Slopestyle)
    1st, Jobe Gemmell-Hughes
    4th, Colin Casey
    5th, Pat Lessard
    6th, Noah McIntire
    9th, Nick Sherman
    11th, Oliver Kiker
    20th, Alan Yu
    23rd, Andrey Yao

    24th, Stephen Jung
    25th, John Menkes
    Go Bulls!
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  • The Nordic Team: Part of Something Bigger

    Emily Magnus
    Nordic in New England. With icicles hanging from their noses and their eyelashes covered in frost, Nordic skiers are known for going out in any weather and relishing steep climbs and gnarly downhills. With Head Coach Pat Casey leading the way, the Holderness School Nordic skiers are no different; with their special blend of competitive drive and playful energy, they are at the core of the growing Nordic community in the Plymouth area.
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  • The Bull Stampede: February 2, 2019 + Freeski January 30, 2019

    Friday 2/1
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Winchendon 72-18 W
    Girls' V Hockey vs. North Yarmouth Academy 1-1 T
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Winchendon 62-52 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. KUA 1-5 L
    Wednesday 1/30 (Lakes Region Freeski at Mt Snow)
    Jamie Bayha 1
    Ian Switzer 2
    Asa Moskowitz 4 
    Bram Hickmate 6 
    Alden Sawyer 8 
    Jared Carr 9 
    Drew Peatman 10
    Griffin O'Neil 11
    Teddy Hughes 13
    Seth Gray 15
    Jack Sawyer 16
    Ben P Hutchinson 19
    Pat Heffernan 20
    Charlie Morris 24
    Russ Hutchinson 29
    Thalia Anastos 3
    Remy Lehouiller 5
    Go Bulls! 
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  • Darwin 2.0 -- Neuroscience and You

    Bruce Barton
    Bruce Barton shares a chapel talk about the amygdala; a part of the mid brain about the size of an almond that is the home to our emotions, our fears and our “fight or flight” instinct. In his talk, he describes Neuroscientist, James Doty's belief that acts of empathy and compassion actually help us shrink the FEAR center of our brain (the amygdala) and open us up to new ways of seeing and understanding and ultimately experiencing happiness in our lives. 
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  • Nordic Update: An Interview with Coach Pat Casey

    Max Paro '17
    Nordic Coach Pat Casey gives an update on both the boys and girls Nordic season.
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  • Carlos and his wife, Jennifer

    Q&A with Faculty Member Carlos Villafane, PhD

    Suzanne Dewey and Carlos Villafane, PhD
    We often “catch up” with long-term faculty members in our magazine, Holderness School Today, but thought spending some time with our new faculty would also be enjoyable for our readers. Carlos Villafane, PhD joined the faculty in September 2018. He and his wife, Jennifer, live in Webster. Carlos teaches both Spanish and History and is currently coaching Boys JV Basketball. He has just had an article published in an academic journal so we also salute his good efforts!
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  • January

    The Bull Stampede: January 30, 2019

    Wednesday 1/30
    Boys' JV1 Basketball vs. Proctor 26-74 L
    Boys' JV2 Basketball vs. Proctor 26-50 L
    Girl's JV Hockey vs. KUA 2-3 L
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Berwick 6-2 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Exeter 1-3 L
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Hebron 2-5 L
    Go Bulls!
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  • An Invitation to Learn

    Suzanne Dewey
    This year, as a part of our Equity and Inclusion curriculum, students are engaging in conversations about race and ethnicity.  For the next three weeks they will also participate in a 21-Day Racial Equity Learning Challenge.
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  • The Bull Stampede: January 26, 2019

    Saturday 1/26
    Boys' JV Hockey vs. Vermont 5-3 W
    Girls' JV Hockey vs. New Hampton 1-10 L
    Boys' V Basketball vs. Tilton 56-68 L
    Girls' V Basketball vs. Brewster 64-54 W
    Boys' V Hockey vs. Kents Hill 4-4 T
    Girls' V Hockey vs. Groton 2-2 T
    Go Bulls!
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  • Holderness School Fosters Family and Magic

    Peter Durnan
    The Lamp, an online Holderness publication, is a forum for ideas, experiences, and stories. Intended to “generate critical reflection” and “stoke our creative fires” this post, originally featured on The Lamp’s website earlier this month, is Academic Dean Peter Durnan’s reflection on his recent experience visiting alumni families in China.
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  • Rev. Jason Wells visits Holderness School

    Just this past week, across the nation, people celebrated the legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many will argue, however, that those celebrations are limited to a few simple quotes that do not truly represent the scope and breadth of King's work. Rev. Jason Wells, the executive director of New Hampshire's Council of Churches, spoke at Holderness during Tuesday's chapel and shared the ways in which Dr. King's legacy is being lived today, in this nation and in New Hampshire.

    Listen to Rev. Well's speech to the school  
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  • Screen Time Impact: Evolving Considerations

    Suzanne Dewey
    With a focus on technology for the academic year, Director of Teaching and Learning Kelsey Berry uses discussion forums, films, readings, and shared perspectives to enlighten thinking and consider policy implications. Read about her approach and one of those offerings: Screenagers, a film to be shown for the wider community during Winter Parents Weekend.
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  • Stand Up to Dream

    Suzanne Dewey
    Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Holderness started with Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., the founder and director of the White Privilege Conference (WPC), a leading social justice conference. Dr. Moore with a PhD in Educational Leadership provides workshops in leadership, diversity, and privilege. He is also the founder of the Privilege Institute, a non-profit which seeks to engage people through relationships and learning. The Institute offers research, education, and other resources including a peer reviewed journal, “Understanding and Dismantling Privilege.” Dr. Moore spent the day visiting classes and engaging with students culminating in a presentation that is detailed in this post and that allowed students to follow-up with questions about affirmative action, what their roles as young people looks like in action, language in rap music, and what to do when they hear people say racist things.
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  • Second Quarter Honor Roll Announced

    The Honor Roll recognizes and commends outstanding achievement and effort in the academic program. Holderness School recognizes that each student's growth and progress is complex. Quarterly comments written by faculty better reflect the unique path traveled by each student, and the Honor Roll and Effort Honor Roll are simplified but significant markers of the engagement of our students in the most recent marking interval.

    Honor Roll
    Effort Honor Roll
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  • Big Mountain Vision

    Suzanne Dewey
    Coach Alan Smarse has been on the slopes with Holderness students for over two decades. He has helped the Holderness Freeski and Snowboarding program evolve over the years with the coaching philosophy that our mission is to support our student-athletes to the highest level achievable, while setting them up to gain entry into the colleges of their choice. Simply stated, our coaching philosophy is to be better today then we were yesterday. Read on for some history and for the latest evolution.
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  • Five Things You Should Know About Affinity Groups

    Emily Magnus '88
    Building community is complicated. Diversity makes a community richer and more resilient. But in order for everyone to work toward a common goal, some assimilation is necessary. What’s the best balance? What’s the best way to support a diverse community and help all to feel known and respected? At Holderness, affinity groups might be the answer.
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  • Cig Harvey Photos Featured in Upcoming Edwards Art Gallery Exhibit

    Emily Magnus '88
    Cig Harvey’s photographs are the focus of the next Edwards Art Gallery exhibit at Holderness School. The opening reception for “Cig Harvey: A Simple Grace” will be held on Friday, January 11, from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM.
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