Why Support Holderness?


Philanthropy. It comes from the Greek philanthropía, or love for mankind, and it’s defined as a concern for the welfare of others, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or other forms of support for those who cannot provide it for themselves. Holderness School relies on philanthropy for 25% of its operating budget; careful stewardship of tuition revenue, endowment revenue, and financial gifts are the means by which we care for our buildings, staff, and faculty, as well as provide an exceptional education to each one of our students. Philanthropy is an especially resonant word for Holderness School because our most deeply held value is the betterment of humankind—pro deo et genere humano.

There are so many reasons to support Holderness!

You can give to honor the education you received, or your child is receiving; you can give to make sure today’s students have the education they need to succeed, or to provide for a young person who could not otherwise afford Holderness; you can give in honor of a faculty member or favorite program—there are as many possibilities are there are people who love Holderness.

Our Purpose

Giving back and being of service are core values at Holderness which are visible in all aspects of campus life. Our job is to inspire you to invest in the Holderness experience and educate you on how financial resources, time, and knowledge will make a lasting impact on current and future students. We also help forge the personal and professional connections that sustain a strong community and communicate the school’s fundraising priorities clearly and transparently with all who care about its well-being.

Our Strategic Imperative

Holderness will continue to build upon its reputation of careful financial stewardship of resources and build new opportunities for increased sources of revenue, operating effectiveness, and sound management of school assets.

Our Vision

To make Holderness School a lifetime experience, not just an experience of a lifetime.

Advancement Staff Directory

Our staff are here to share the ways you can help keep Holderness School at the forefront of independent school education and to inspire you with the possibilities for affecting the lives of our students.

List of 9 members.

  • Photo of Mark Sturgeon

    Mark Sturgeon 

    Executive Director of Advancement
    (603) 779-5225
  • Photo of Kathleen Kime

    Kathleen Kime 99

    Director of Major Gifts
    (603) 779-5229
  • Photo of Darren Moore

    Darren Moore 99

    Director of the Holderness Fund
    (603) 779-5245
  • Photo of Peter Barnum

    Peter Barnum 

    Senior Associate Director of Major Gifts
    (603) 779-5221
  • Photo of Patrick Buckley

    Pat Buckley 

    Director of Stewardship & Operations
    (603) 779-5223
  • Photo of Stacy Lopes

    Stacy Lopes 

    Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
    (603) 779-5228
  • Photo of Neal Frei

    Neal Frei 03

    Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
    (603) 779-5264
  • Photo of Kelly van Lingen

    Kelly van Lingen 

    Assistant Director of the Holderness Fund
    (603) 779-5220
  • Photo of Tim Platt

    Tim Platt 

    Advancement Database Manager
    (603) 779-5325
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