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At Holderness, parents are an important part of our community. Our password protected portal myHOLDERNESS will keep you informed about all things Holderness. Please use the red myHOLDERNESS button at the top of the page to access the portal. Once you login, you'll have access to lots of content made just for parents, including an online directory, electronic forms, information about volunteer opportunities, and the school calendar. You'll also be able to update your profile and access your child's report cards. 
We look forward to getting to know you and seeing you around campus!

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  • Where can I find a list of campus events?

    A schedule of all events on campus can be found on the Calendar page of our website. The most current events can be found at the bottom of the Homepage in the "Upcoming Events" Section. Additionally, a more consolidated schedule can be found near the end of the Student Handbook in the “Calendar and Contacts” section.
    Some weekend activities and events are planned in advanced while other are more spontaneous. Students are updated weekly on weekend activities during All School Assemblies on Fridays and via email. Parents will also be updated weekly via newsletters. 

    Athletic events are listed on a separate Athletics Calendar. Individual team schedules can be found on the sport-specific team pages in the athletics section of the website under Teams and Schedules

  • What do students do on the weekends? 

    Weekends are always fun and provide students with many opportunities to get off campus and explore the beautiful Lakes Region and White Mountains. Weekend activities both on and off campus are usually planned by the Weekend Committee, which is made up of several students and a faculty advisor. In addition, students are encouraged to propose weekend activities and work with the Weekend Committee and on-duty faculty to make their plans happen. Activities on campus include dances, casino night, cookouts, and visits from a hypnotist. Trips to Boston, the outlets in Tilton, sporting events, movies theaters, and hiking and mountain biking trails are also regular events. There's always a little something for everyone!
  • What is a closed weekend and when do they occur?

    Closed Weekends are select weekends throughout the school year when students are not allowed to take weekends or leave campus. Community is an important element here at Holderness, and one of the ways we foster community is by having fun together on the weekends. These weekends almost always have a special activity or activities such as the first school dance or a special school concert. Closed Weekends usually coincide with large school events, like the first weekend of the year, first weekends back from breaks, and Commencement weekend. Only under extremely special circumstances may students take weekends on closed weekends; students must contact the Dean's Office to receive permission. A list of all closed weekends can be found on the School Calendar
  • Who will be my main point of contact when I have concerns about my child?

    Your child's advisor is always the first person you should contact when you have concerns. At Holderness, each student has a faculty advisor that helps guide them through their Holderness experience. For most of the time their advisor is also their dorm parent. Advisors are responsible for academic and athletic guidance, discipline or absence issues, and residential or day student life adjustments. In general, they have an understanding of the morale and mental well-being of their advisees. The advisor is also consulted on most decisions and changes, such as weekend permission, course changes, and study hall attendance. If you have any concerns about your child, please first contact their advisor as they usually are the most informed person concerning your child. If you don’t already have your child's advisor's contact information, all faculty and staff contact information can be found in the Directory
  • How will I know how my child is doing in their classes?

    Your student’s grades will be posted quarterly in the Parent Portal (myHOLDERNESS). Additionally, after the first two weeks of school, faculty share informal comments with students and their advisors. This check-in ensures that students have been placed in the appropriate classes and are settling into the Holderness community. Parents will only be contacted if there are significant concerns. Any further questions and concerns about student academic performance and classwork should be directed to your child's advisor or to the Dean of Academics, Peter Durnan: pdurnan@holderness.org
  • What are the rules about taking students off campus? 

    The surrounding area provides many excellent options for dining, and while our kitchen staff provides delicious meals, students enjoy an occasional break from campus and cherish family time as well. We have sit-down family-style meals during lunch on Mondays, dinner on Tuesdays (until Fall Parents' Weekend), and dinner on Thursdays. Students are required to attend these meals as they are an important way in which students get to know each other and the faculty. On Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (and Tuesdays after Fall Parents' Weekend), dinner is served cafeteria style and students may sign out to eat with visiting family members. Please also note that students may leave the campus with other visitors, but may not ride in a car driven by a non-family member under the age of 21. Please consult the Student Handbook for further clarification.
  • It’s my child’s birthday. Is there a local bakery that delivers?

    We know it can be hard to be far from your child on their birthday, so it's nice when you can send them something special. The following are some suggestions of local bakeries that can deliver cakes and other baked goods directly to campus. In addition, advisors can also assist parents with birthday plans.

    Majel Thompson: mpgthompson22@gmail.com 603-726-0856 (Majel also works in the dining hall!)
    M'n'M Scoops Ice Cream: 67 Main Street, Plymouth, NH 03264 (603) 536-4850.
  • I’ve moved and have a different address and phone number. Who should I notify at Holderness?

    With the new website and Parent Portal, all contact information can be changed through myHOLDERNESS. All contact information for your student and your family will be stored here and will be used by the school to contact you and send you information.
    To change your contact information, (1) log into your myHOLDERNESS account. (2) Once you are logged in, click on your name in the top right hand corner of the browser (to the right of “Official Notes”) and a drop down menu will appear. (3) In that menu, one of the options will be “Profile,” which you should select. (4) From there you should see all your contact information as well as the contact information of your family and child. (5) You can edit contact information--as well as add information such as a bio, education, and a profile picture--by clicking the pencil button designated for each category and editing the available fields. Changing your home address should also change your child's address as well, after you refresh the page. Please note, students will not be able to adjust this information from their myHOLDERNESS portal. Please also note that this is our official database; please do not delete any of your contact information as it will affect our ability to communicate with you.
    All current parents have access to myHOLDERNESS. If you have forgotten your login information or password, please click on “Forgot your login and password?” link at the myHOLDERNESS login page and follow the instructions. If you are a parent and do not have a user name and password, please email Hillary Beach at hbeach@holderness.org for assistance. 

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  • Photo of Marilee Lin

    Marilee Lin 

    English Department Chair & International Student Coordinator
    (603) 779-5379
  • Photo of Stacy Lopes

    Stacy Lopes 

    Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
    (603) 779-5228
  • Photo of John Lin

    John Lin 

    English Faculty & Dean of Students
    (603) 779-5320
  • Photo of Tyler Cabot

    Tyler Cabot 

    History Faculty & Assistant Dean of Students
    (603) 779-5355