Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and Conditioning

At Holderness School, our strength and conditioning program is an integral part of our overall athletic program. Our strength and conditioning coach works with athletes and their coaches to help develop endurance, speed, control and power to improve competitive performance. Our strength and conditioning focus contributes to the fitness and skill of our students.
Our focus is to nurture and develop individual student's athletic abilities to help them perform at their highest level, improving the quality of their performance and by: 

       ·   Developing athletes who are resistant to injury
       ·   Improving sport-specific speed and power
       ·   Increasing the confidence of our student athletes

Our program is highly individualized and our strength and conditioning coach works directly with the student athlete to help them achieve their goals.

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Student Testimonials

"Junior year I was looking to improve my speed and agility, specifically for my season on the varsity lacrosse team. Senior year I set my focus on strength training and was on a scheduled lifting program that the S&C coach helped put together for me. I kept track of my progress in the training booklets that were provided, filling them in with times of certain circuits and different weights for my lifts. I was able to see a difference in my training, looking back on the work I had done to prepare for lacrosse season. Seeing your times lower and your weights move higher is something very satisfying for an athlete of any type."
Kayli Cutler '17

"I have been using the the strength and conditioning program here at Holderness since freshmen year. It has been a helpful resource for me to train for skiing and other sports. With the help of the program and my coaches I have been able to gain the strength, flexibility and speed I need to excel in a high level of Alpine skiing and therefore lacrosse and field hockey as well. The strength I have developed through the program over my years at Holderness has prevented me from serious injury. For example, I took a bad crash about midway through my last race season. I was so scared that I had blown my knee out. Luckily, both my ACL and MCL were strong enough to withhold the crash. I have been able to be a more confident and competitive athlete both mentally and physically because of the strength and conditioning program."
Lila Schilbli '18

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