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Theology and Religious Studies

The Holderness Theology & Religious Studies Department seeks to combine academic learning and personal reflection in the pursuit of meaningful engagement with different religious traditions.

In addition to the critical examination of material from primary and secondary sources, all coursework contains a self-reflective component to cultivate thinking on spiritual themes universal to human experience. This allows students to explore and develop themselves spiritually, even as they grow intellectually in their understanding of the world’s major religious traditions. All students are required to take one course in the Theology & Religious Studies Department in order to graduate.

Visit our Curriculum Guide for a full list of academic requirements and course descriptions.

Featured Course

Eng/Theo 402| The Bible as Literature

Photo of a page from an ancient Bible. 

Did you know the Bible is more of a library than a book? Have you ever encountered a biblical reference in another book and wished you knew more? Students will explore the range of biblical genres through a survey of its historical, prophetic, poetic, sophistic, liturgical, gospel, and apocalyptic literatures.  With analysis of character, plot, form, literary devices, and redaction, they will learn to decipher and defend their own interpretive and rhetorical choices as biblical readers.

Spirituality at Holderness

Holderness School was founded in 1879 as an Episcopal school, and it remains deeply connected to those roots. At the same time, we seek to be an inclusive school that supports, encourages, and nurtures a variety of religious beliefs and levels of commitment. All students attend two chapel services each week that seek to cultivate an open and universal sense of community spirituality.

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