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English Class At Holderness School

In all English courses at Holderness, students are taught to become more critical and creative readers, writers, speakers, listeners, viewers, and thinkers.

At every level, we encourage students to develop an increased self-awareness, a lifelong love of spoken and written language, and a commitment to engaging the world in its complexity and diversity. By exploring authors of different voices and perspectives, students will learn greater truths about the human experience - and about themselves.  

Outside the classroom, students can engage in a rich intellectual life by submitting their work to Mosaic, Holderness School’s journal of arts and letters, and to The Picador, the school's newspaper. Each winter, students participate in Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry contest that serves as a rite of passage for all Holderness students.

Visit our Curriculum Guide for a full list of academic requirements and course descriptions.

Featured Course

Eng. 402 | Literature of Survival

Fireside nighttime on Out Back

How does an individual survive in the wilderness? How might a neglected child survive to become a well-adjusted adult? What do you do when you are left outer-space? In this class, students will explore the attributes necessary for surviving difficult situations. Through reading a variety of fictional tales and non-fictional stories and articles, students will uncover the characteristics of a survivor.

Learning in Action


Mosaic 2021

Mosaic, our award-winning literary and visual arts publication, features some of the very best student-created written and visual work. Poems, analytical essays, photographs, drawings, and much more are submitted to the Mosaic editorial staff throughout the year and published each spring.


Poetry Out Loud

A student recites a poem during the Poetry Out Loud competition. 

Each winter, all students participate in Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry recitation contest that is a rite of passage for all Holderness students. After several rounds of competition, one student will advance to the regional - and perhaps national - finals.

Meet Our English Faculty

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