Alfond Library

The Alfond Library

The Barbara Lawrence Alfond Library is Holderness School’s dynamic and well-resourced learning commons. Alfond Library is dedicated to helping students learn and to making the process of learning more visible. Excellent print and digital resources that reflect the curriculum and students’ interests, a robust archive, technology resources and support, and one-to-one learning support services enhance student learning experiences, and remote access through our virtual collections. Through interlibrary loan, students have access to materials from library collections throughout the State of New Hampshire, including college libraries. Offering spaces and resources for research and reading, classroom and one-to-one learning, collaboration and independent work, Alfond in vital ways elevates learning at Holderness.

A Learning Commons

Alfond is a collaborative place to learn, explore, read, produce, access, study and create knowledge in all formats. In recent decades, how students explore questions, discover, andshare ideas have changed dramatically. What remains constant is that Holderness students are curious and are searching for ways to learn, create, and collaborate with peers effectively. The various spaces in Alfond -- from classrooms and other spaces inviting collaborative learning to cubbies and smaller rooms that allow for individual, quiet work -- both signal to students ways they can use the space to learn and also how the space supports various learning needs.

Programming in Alfond Library supports students’ intellectual growth, creativity, and their need for mindful breaks from study. The Library features a main reading room, meeting spaces for one-to-one learning support, the Tower reading room, classrooms -- one of which is named for Robert Creeley, major American poet and Holderness alumnus -- and the school's technology department and help desk. The main room in Alfond provides an open gallery for student artwork, spaces for student study, and areas for various members of the community to gather for Advisory meetings, equity and inclusion programming, and community conversations through our @the table initiative.

Library Programs

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  • Cultivating a Love of Reading

    Holderness' print, e-book, and e-subscriptions provide much for students to read for research and for pleasure.  The annual selection of a Summer All School Read highlights our commitment to fostering in students a love, appreciation, and lifelong habit of reading that they can enjoy in community. Students also enjoy Book and Writing clubs, weekend activities, and interactive installations and displays that engage students in matters related to book culture throughout the year.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Through our technology education course, faculty teach students to be informed, ethical, and responsible users of information and technology. This course addresses how students can use social media and online resources in ways that reflect Holderness' core values and our commitment to creating and sustaining an inclusive and equitable culture in which everyone thrives. At Holderness School, we see technology as a critical tool for supporting our goals for teaching and learning, promoting positive communication, and becoming more effective in our work. Our goal as a technology department is to support these uses of technology through appropriate resources, education, and policy.  
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning

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