Academic Support

Student Academic Support

Faculty as Mentors

At Holderness our faculty are not just instructors or conveyors of knowledge; they are patient mentors and gentle guides as well. In other words, Holderness faculty are there to help during every step of the learning process. Classes are small, so there is plenty of time for students to ask questions and receive clarification during the academic day. In addition, during free blocks between classes and during study hours in the evening, faculty make themselves available to work individually with students who need additional instruction beyond what is offered in the classroom. Busy as our schedule is, we make time for academic support; faculty-student extra help is possible, and sometimes required.

Additional Academic Support
In cases where students need support beyond what faculty can provide, Holderness has teamed with local instructors from Knower Academics to offer quarterly academic support packages. Beginning with a meeting to establish an individual Academic Plan, Knower instructors devise a unique set of goals and methods for each student who enrolls.  Each plan includes one-to-one meetings hosted here on campus and the possibility of closely monitored study four evenings each week in our Alfond Library. Cost is $1,550 per quarter for two sessions a week, and $2,600 per quarter for four sessions a week.
Knower instructors encourage students to use the school’s pre-existing support network, helping develop their executive functioning and time management skills to strengthen study habits and solicit extra help from faculty. Knower Academics also offers students who need subject-specific support the opportunity to review and sharpen their grasp of concepts and keep abreast of upcoming assignments and assessments. Their one-to-one Instructional Support Sessions target these specific needs, and benefit students by holding them accountable to face their hardest subjects a certain number of times per week; and Evening Study Group reinforces self-starting and implementation of the strategies promoted in one-to-one sessions.

Standardized Test Preparation

Knower Academics also offers instruction in standardized test preparation for the college application process. To learn more go to Knower Test Prep.

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